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#15, RE: 1 Installing FatBomb - Video Tutorial
Posted by farazahmed on Apr-03-08 at 09:12 PM
In response to message #14
LAST EDITED ON Apr-03-08 AT 09:44 PM (PST)
>>Now,this new site is also on the same host although on a
>>So,this means that the server settings are correct.
>Hi Faraz,
>Each host sets up sub domains differently. You'll need to
>ask them about server/script config.
>Once you're sure you can run scripts from a sub domain,
>check to make sure you downloaded and uploaded using
>ASCII/text via ftp.
>After that, missing files would be the next thing to check.

I am already running fatbomb on a subdomain of this host.
I just started a new site on another subdomain.
So,should I check for missing files now?
well then, let me check.

Well, I checked the error logs too. and the error is " premature end of script headers". What should I do now?