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#18, RE: 1 Installing FatBomb - Video Tutorial
Posted by tshirtguys08 on Jul-03-08 at 04:34 PM
In response to message #17
LAST EDITED ON Jul-03-08 AT 04:35 PM (PST)
I'm guessing that:

A- fatbomb,cgi creates that admin thingie somehow


B- that the admin file being looked for isn't in my upload fileset, because when I downloaded the fatty2.zip, I extracted it and looked at all the files I had in there, and no admin folder, so I'm assuming it's #1?

I checked my perl location, it's the default, and I renamed fatbomb to something else, and I watched the video, too.

All permissions were set correctly, to either 755 or 777, so I'm stuck here