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#19, RE: 1 Installing FatBomb - Video Tutorial
Posted by Kurt on Jul-03-08 at 05:11 PM
In response to message #17
>Can I install Fatty on a .com/blog directory?
>I nstalled it to the root as well, and don't see the admin
>in .com/cgi-bin/fatbomb/fatbomb.cgi/admin/do_login

Hi Dan,

It needs to be installed in your cgi-bin. Although, it is possible to install it in other directories, this requires a special server set up that most hosts don't have.

The admin "folder" is created dynamically by Fatbomb.cgi and doesn't really exist on your server. You need to access this "folder" using a web browser and the URL similar to:

Note that your set up may use the directory "fatty2" instead of "fatbomb".