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#3, RE: BlogBomb Xtreme 2 Admin
Posted by Kurt on Nov-21-07 at 00:17 AM
In response to message #2
Next, if you click on a category's "Update Pheeds" link, we'll come to a page similar to below:

Below is how the BlogBomb 1 Admin appears. As you can see, BBx2 allows you to:

- Add List Of Pheeds: (enter XML URLs only) You can just enter a list of RSS links and BBx2 will take care of the rest. With BlogBomb 1, you need to enter each pheed one at a time...

- BBx2 also offers sophisicated keyword search, as well as builds the SSI tags you need to insert in your pages automatically for you.

- The BBx2 admin also gives you links to the RSS pheed, and preview links as well.

BBx2 is the most powerful, SEO friendly RSS to html script there is...