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#2, Page Skins
Posted by Kurt on Oct-15-07 at 04:22 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Oct-15-07 AT 04:27 AM (PST)
In your skins folder, you'll see two names for skins:


Simply: The files with skin in the name are meant to be used as search results templates.

The files with "page" in the name are intended to be used to make pages, where we convert the search results into web "pages".

You can use either for both, but I suggest that for now you follow this simple rule.

How to Modify Your Page Skins to Make Pages:

1. Upload your CSS style sheet and your header graphic to your main/root folder on your website.

(Check the specific forum threads for more help. Do NOT post here for help with your CSS and images!)

2. About the page names:
pageL = The navigation column is on the LEFT
pageR = The navigation column is on the RIGHT
pageLR = This is a three column page with navigation on the LEFT and RIGHT

Pick one. Open it in a text editor. I suggest textpad.com although you can use Notepad.

3. Find the line of code near the top that says:
<LINK REL=stylesheet HREF="styles.css" TYPE="text/css">

Modify styles.css by adding your domain URL to it. It should look something like:

<LINK REL=stylesheet HREF="http://YourDomain.com/styles.css" TYPE="text/css">

4. Now find the code for your header graphic:

 <img src="header.jpg" alt="<% form.keywords as html %>">

You'll want to do the same to the header.jpg as you did for your style sheet and add the full URL to you graphic:

<img src="ttp://YourDomain.com/header.jpg" alt="<% form.keywords as html %>">

Note: In the URL above, I use ttp://

You'll need to make it http, not ttp. . If I did it correctly, this forum will try to add the graphic and not show the code.

5. Find:

...And replace it with what ever you want to put there, such as your AdSense code and/or site navigation.

If you want to put links, you will need to use html.

6. Save it and upload it to your fatbomb/skins file using FTP.

7. Test it to make sure it looks OK:


There are 3 parts of this URL you need to modify:

1. The URL to your FatBomb, including your domain.

2. skin=
IN the example above, I am using pageR. Change this accordingly.

3. The keywords=
I am using "test". You may change this if you wish.

Multiple word phrases use this syntax:

If everything looks OK, move on to the next step: 4 Making Pages Using FatBomb.