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#9, RE: Page Skins
Posted by farazahmed on Dec-03-07 at 04:25 AM
In response to message #8
>Hi Faraz,
>How are you calling the pages?

>The easiest way would be to use the same header graphic and
>insert it into a page_ skin.
>Or, you will need to create a skin based on your site's look
>and feel, adding to ALL the tags, either from one of the
>You also need to make sure your site's design can handle the
>search results.
>Another way is to take strip all the extra html (header and
>footer html) out of a skin, rename it "blank.html", then
>insert SSI tags into your site's template that call Fatty
>using the "blank.html" skin. This is best done using

How do I use the ssi tags to call fatty? and If i use this method, then could I still make pages on the fly as you have described in another thread?