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#18, RE: 2 FatBomb Admin + Video Tutorial: Exploring the Features of Fatty
Posted by Kurt on Aug-07-11 at 06:28 PM
In response to message #17
>Join the MadBomber VIP club here
>I fatbomb, still playing nice with google, as far as pulling in
>dynamic results?
>I know I can use spider bomb to scape and build a database.

Hey Kelvin,

It will really depend on how you build the database. Try adding things like Youtube videos, photos from Morguefile etc.

Also, try "spinning" some of the meta descriptions and titles. You can use an auto-spin for this since titles and descriptions don't have to be perfectly readable in the sense that articles do. I've only tested this a little, but I didn't have a problem with spinning the URLs...Just keep an eye on the URLs so they don't get spun. I just loaded a Fatty file in The Best Spinner and it seemed to work pretty well, but it's been a while since I last did it.