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#9, RE: 2 FatBomb Admin + Video Tutorial: Exploring the Features of Fatty
Posted by Kurt on Nov-13-07 at 12:13 PM
In response to message #8
>Hi Kurt,
>I have installed fatbomb, but am unable to understand the
>part where you talk about databases.
>The video shows a florida.txt file. Is that the database?
>What am I supposed to put in the database file?
>I have also read the "4 Making Pages using Fatbomb" thread
>where you talk about opening the redirector folder and edit
>the .htaccess file.
>Well, I cant find the redirector folder but I do have the
>.htaccess file in the root folder.
>I also dont know about the redirector.htaccess file that you
>talk about.
>Sorry, I know this must be sounding stupid to you, but I am
>not sure what to do here.
>With a little help from you guys I will be good to go.

Hi Faraz,

These topics are covered on Fatty thread #4 Making Pages.

Please continue the conversation on the same threads you started them, so we can keep the forum as organized as possible.