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#2, RE: 3 Finding RSS Pheeds
Posted by Kurt on Nov-20-07 at 04:44 PM
In response to message #1
You have Google's blog search...

This will help you find blogs which almost always have RSS pheeds.

But even better:
1 do a search for blogs using a main keyword
2 click "sort by date"
3 Click the RSS link in the left column

4 Now grab the URL of that results page and put it in BlogBomb. This URL is for the keyword "vegas":

Just change "vegas" in the URL to your keyword(s) and you have a great RSS pheed.

Note: las+vegas+nevada (use the + sign for more than one word)

But you also have Google News which will return an RSS pheed:

Follow the same procedure as above...Don't forget to click the "sort by date" link. This is IMPORTANT as it will list the newest items first, essential for updating your content.

SAme for Yahoo News:



Ice Rocket

And when it's up and running, Daypop can be good, but it is very unreliable:

All the above will give you RSS pheeds using keywords...Very good for building pages.

Learn the structure of each URL and locate the keyword(s) in them...Then all you have to do is change the keywords as you wish to give you tons of content.