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#7, RE: 3 Finding RSS Pheeds
Posted by farazahmed on Dec-09-07 at 09:14 AM
In response to message #6
I am having a little trouble finding the pheeds and understanding the results that I am getting from these. I used a few of the above sites and here are the results that I have got.

As I have mentioned earlier. I am building a site about harry potter. So, I am looking for feeds related to it.
here they are.

Could you please take a look and tell me what to do with these:

(the above links show a page in rss format. So, how do I use it and how do I find out what the content looks like. Or do you advise me to just use whatever is given there)

http://blogsearch.google.com/blogsearch?hl=en&tab=wb&ie=UTF-8&scoring=d&q=%22harry+potter+wands%22 (This one shows a page which contains content on harry potter from lots of different blogs. So, is it okay for me to use their feeds as content? So, how do I use those results? )

Is there a criteria to choose from among these?

I also checked out the research buzz site mentioned by top hat bob.
What categories should I choose from there. And what about the formats - html and opml .