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#8, RE: 3 Finding RSS Pheeds
Posted by Kurt on Dec-09-07 at 10:03 AM
In response to message #7

HI Faraz,

Paste the list of URLs into BlogBomb.

BB1 you will have to enter each one at a time, BBX2 just paste in the list.

Now, if you also have Fatty, the results of the pheeds will appear in your search results.

These RSS pheeds update automatically and change over time, so you get new, updating content.

You can also add the results to web pages. If you have articles about Harry Potter that others also use, put some RSS on that page so that your page is different from the others.

In Faraz's case, BlogBomb is a database of Harry Potter blog posts and news. BlogBomb will go out on schedule (cache) and check for updates to the pheeds.

BlogBomb 2 can then search all the news items and display only stuff that contains certain keywords. For example, you may only want "items" that contain the word "rollins", for example.

The same could be/should be done for all major characters and keywords.

Create a page, then put all items containing an character on that page, repeating with all viable keywords.

To leanr how to technically add rss to pages, please see the thread:
4 Putting RSS on Pages: SSI and htaccess