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#9, RE: 3 Finding RSS Pheeds
Posted by farazahmed on Dec-09-07 at 09:40 PM
In response to message #8
>HI Faraz,
>Paste the list of URLs into BlogBomb.
>BB1 you will have to enter each one at a time, BBX2 just
>paste in the list.
Well, the problem is that blogbomb asks for the html as well as the xml urls and I dont know which ones to use.
I have written more about this in the "putting rss on pages" thread.

>Now, if you also have Fatty, the results of the pheeds will
>appear in your search results.

I have fatty although I havent upgraded yet. So,what should I do and how will the results of the pheeds appear in fatty?

>These RSS pheeds update automatically and change over time,
>so you get new, updating content.
>You can also add the results to web pages. If you have
>articles about Harry Potter that others also use, put some
>RSS on that page so that your page is different from the
>In Faraz's case, BlogBomb is a database of Harry Potter blog
>posts and news. BlogBomb will go out on schedule (cache) and
>check for updates to the pheeds.

I didnt understand what you meant by blogbomb is a database of harry potter blog posts and news. sorry for being dumb. I am trying to learn as fast as my small brain allows me to.

>BlogBomb 2 can then search all the news items and display
>only stuff that contains certain keywords. For example, you
>may only want "items" that contain the word "rollins", for
>The same could be/should be done for all major characters
>and keywords.

Well, I dont have blogbomb 2 , haven't upgraded yet. But now, I am really thinking of getting the upgraded versions of fatty and blogbomb.
>Create a page, then put all items containing an character on
>that page, repeating with all viable keywords.
>To leanr how to technically add rss to pages, please see the
>4 Putting RSS on Pages: SSI and htaccess

I have posted in the thread that you mentioned. Hope you can clear it up for me.