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#9, RE: List of BlackHat Blogs
Posted by JeannieCrabtree on Oct-19-07 at 04:51 PM
In response to message #8
Thanks Kurt for the explanation. Will there be a difference if the site is an authority site or not? As you had posted, most authority sites do not have a lot of links out.

I have an authority site that is stuck at a certain level of traffic and sales. It has links, and links from non indexed pages as well, so that makes sense to help non indexed pages get indexed.

Once they are indexed, the extra linking on my site could be removed, correct It was just a temporary thing?


>Hi Jeannie,
>>Kurt, I just got software that crawls my sites and then
>>submits them to bookmarking sites I have joined. I have
>>started doing 15 to 20 bookmarks a day.
>>I think this might be a good way to link back to sites
>>linking in to me but not in the search engines, in a way
>>that will get them on some of the popular pages and build
>>their links to them. I would probably only do a few pages
>>per site.
>>Am I on the right track? Any negatives to this?
>Socialbot 2.0?
>This should help...What you want to do is to link from a
>site(s) back to the bookmark site's pages that have your
>There won't be any major negatives if this isn't your only
>link pattern. You don't want all of your links coming from
>the same sources.
>>"or by making a page with links to all of them, then linking
>>to the page with your more powerful pages."
>>I don't understand "then linking to the page with your more
>>powerful pages." Link from a high visitor page, a high pr
>>page? Please explain.
>I reread what I wrote and got a little confused myself.
>The goal is simply to get the pages that have links into the
>engines. This is much more efficient than trying to get new
>This can be done any number of ways...
>Make a list of your referers that are NOT in the engines and
>put them on a page. Then link to this page from your "power
>pages"....By this, I mean the pages of your's that get
>spidered the most often and have the highest page rank.
>Of course, you can also add these links directly to your
>"power pages", again these are pages with high PR and get
>indexed often.
>Also, you can post these to a blog and then blog and ping.
>You can even try pinging each referer page directly.
>I suggest doing as much of the above as you can, with the
>intent of getting the engines to visit those referer pages
>and start counting those as links to your pages.