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#3, RE: Switching site using Blogbomb to another host.
Posted by Kurt on May-30-11 at 11:09 PM
In response to message #2
LAST EDITED ON May-30-11 AT 11:10 PM (PST)
>So are you saying that if even if I have to reinstall blogbomb on
>the new host,
>I can just add the data/config.pl file and I wont have to add teh
>pheeds again?
>Then I think I will just reinstall blogbomb and just add the
>data/config.pl file
>and have the pheeds working again.
>If that's what you are saying, then it sounds good and I can do it

Hi Faraz...

Go to your site using FTP and download the data/config.pl file and take a look at it using any text editor and double check that it has your info in it...Keep it in a place like your desktop so you don't get it mixed up with other versions and accidently over-write it with a blank version.

Then you should just be able to install BlogBomb, then upload your data/config.pl file that has all your info.

You can also download the entire BlogBomb folder from your site and reupload it, which may actually be best to make sure you're running the same version...Just make sure to use the text transfer mode in your FTP client and you may want to download everything twice, and upload everything twice, being sure you don't miss any files.