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#0, Article and Content Marketing/Creation Tips
Posted by Kurt on Aug-04-11 at 03:54 AM

Here's a quick way to use Scrapebox to help you find authority sites to offer your articles for syndication.

This shows that Scrapebox can be used in many legit ways.

While not perfect and this method does grab some domains like Youtube and Squidoo, etc, you should be able to bypass the obvious sites that don't apply.

Enter this footprint in the Harvester box:
"Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert="; -site:ezinearticles.com
Enter some relevant keywords in the keyword box
Click the "Start harvesting" box
Wait for results
Click the "Check PageRank" box
Select "Get Domain PageRank" - This will give you the PageRank of the homepage/root domain.
Sort by PageRank, with highest at top.
Click "Import/Export URLs & PR" button and save as html.
Open the html file in your favorite browser and check out the sites to make contact with the webmaster to see if they will post your articles.
The search footprint:
"Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=";

...is to find articles that have been re-posted from Ezinearticles.com. If sites are publishing EZA articles, there's a good chance they'll also take your stuff, especially if it's good and exclusive. I suggest you try to make deals where you can include 2-3 in content (contextual) links, in addition to your sig for maximum benefit.

This part of the footprint will eliminate EZA's own pages from the search results. Note the - at the begininng. Don't forget it, or else all you'll get is EZA results, which is the exact opposite of what we want.

You can alter the footprint accordingly for other article directories. Remember to exclude those directories by using the - sign just in-front on the directory's domain in the search footprint.

While PageRank isn't perfect for detecting "authority", there's probably some type of correlation between the two, and you may as well start looking at sites beginning with the sites with the higher PageRanks.

Also, you can bypass EZA's waiting time and other hassles, as well as control the sites your articles are posted on, which you can't do by submitting them to EZA for syndication purposes.

And by finding your own sites to syndicate to, you create your own backlinking footprint.