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#0, CamoPage System - Download Here
Posted by Kurt on Sep-23-10 at 03:24 AM
LAST EDITED ON Oct-04-10 AT 02:17 AM (PST)
This isn't a mass page making system. Instead you'll be able to make a page or two that can be used to drive traffic and links to.

I know the term "swiss army knife" is over-used, but that's really the purpose of these pages. To be good Kamo pages, they need to use as many IM strategies as possible, while looking good and having good content, presented in a way that makes them easier to link to because of the type of pages they are.

CamoBomb pages will work with Twitter, RSS, Adsense, Amazon, Email capture, gray hat, black hat, white hat, linking, profile making, etc.

Download CamoBomb Basic here:


Open system.js

Open system.js in the apps folder.

Line 25:
Change: justin bieber to your main keyword

Line 43:
Change: justin bieber to your main keyword

Note: You need to change "humor" on both lines 25 and 43.

Save and close.

Open index.php:

1 Modify the Videos

Take out the 3 Bieber videos and add your own videos.

Note the size when you add the embed code. The width can't be wider than 425 pixels.

Adjust the height in proportion the the new width. You don't have to be perfect and you don't really need to be all that close. You'd be surprised at how distorted they can be and no one will notice.

Just make sure they aren't too wide.

For the Blinkx "Wall of Video", find:


...And replace it with your keywords. Try to be very general with keywords here and do NOT go "long tail".

Just check out your wall and make it LOOK good, making sure each block has something going on...

2 Change the text.

You don't have to add much, but you must get something on the pages. All the real tweets are javascript and not read by Google, which is great for our links, but there's nothing to index.

Just give google a few words to "bite on". We're not trying to rank with these pages, only make sure they are indexed so they can pass link juice on.

3 Add Your Camoflouge links

Note this text string in your camo links:
<p align=right style="color:#006699;"><u><b>On Twitter</b></u></style></u>

It's just a fake link to twitter. It's really just underlined blue text and not a link. You can make it into a link if you want.

Top.html - This page is "included" using php near the top of each page.

      <?php include("top.html"); ?>

Whatever you put into top.html will appear on every page where the tag above is placed, without having to edit each page one at a time. I've left top.html blank for this project, but you can add things if you want. Just put in html like it was a "regular" page.

Semi-Automatic Site Building

I've set this CamoBomb system up to use with 30 pages, "almost" one page for each day of the month...

We're going to fill in some of the keywords for the Twitter streams,etc, automatically. But you will still do the videos by hand.

Finding and adding the videos should be fun. For once, you get to find stuff that you like. Things that make YOU laugh or music you like or your favorite scenes from Laugh-in.

Prep: Gather 10-30 keywords.

Actually you need to think of these as topics, not keywords. Come up with a list of bands, artists, movie titles, actors, food, places, games, tv shows, comedians, current events, political topics, news, recent releases, best selling authors, etc.

Open the Replacez Tuel

Open your project folder in Replacez

Subfolders <= IMPORTANT!!!


Page by Page <= IMPORTANT!!!


This will add the topics/keywords to all the corresponding system.js pages. This is what controls the keywords in your Twitter stream.

If you want to change the keywords, if you are working on page14.php, then go to the folder:

and open the system14.js page and change the two instances of:
(lines #7 and #43)

Don't worry too much about this. Make it interesting for real people, Google doesn't index this content and your keywords (topics) here are totally irrelevant for SEO.

Customize Videos

As you add pages to your site just open any of the page1.php through page30.php and customize the Youtube and Wall of videos.

For your page titles, make them long and include a general term related to the niches in your camo-links. Think "LSI" type keywords here...

Something like we used on the demo page:

As you add a page, open calendar.html and create a link to that page, using the corresponding number of the calendar and your page name.

For example:
Link page7.php using the 7 in the calendar.
Link page22.php using the "22" in the calendar

Note: Thbe numeral "1" links to index.php and there is no page1.php or system1.js.

calendar.html is "included" in every page so when you update calendar.php you are updating each and every page.

The benefit is that each page has a "site map" to all other pages. Great for indexing and for building link juice.

Plus, using the calendar to camouflage our site maps mask our intentions. Don't be tempted to use anchor text here, SEO is not the main purpose of these pages. Looking non-comercial is.

#1, RE: Kamo-flage System (Coming soon)
Posted by bwwriting on Sep-24-10 at 09:10 PM
In response to message #0
Hi Kurt,

I read in another post that if there's seem to be little or zero interest or response to an upcoming project of yours, then you might shelf it. I hope I didn't get that post all wrong

So here's my show of interest:
I can't wait to learn more about this Kamo-flage System, hopefully it's not too tech-advanced for me to implement.
Thanks for continuing testing and sharing.


#2, RE: Kamo-flage System (Coming soon)
Posted by Kurt on Sep-25-10 at 07:17 AM
In response to message #1
Hi Tiffany,

It is kind of techy...

It's actually the Twitter stream page I posted on the Camauflouge page thread. (Post #4)

I'm trying to add some stuff to it, change it a little and make it into a 20 page website.

I'm working on trying to find the easiest way to set this up and then explain it.

But the concept has a lot of potential and benefits...It's just a matter of how fast and easy they can be created and then updated. So I'm just doing different things to see what's easiest and when I find it, I'll pass it on here.

#3, RE: Kamo-flage System (Coming soon)
Posted by Kurt on Oct-03-10 at 03:11 AM
In response to message #2
LAST EDITED ON Oct-04-10 AT 00:40 AM (PST)

See Download link in first post.

Here's a quick CamoBomb demo page:


Popular videos for Justin Bieber

Live Justin Bieber Twitter stream. Updates every 3 minutes.

The Twitter stream is javascript and the Youtube videos are hosted on Youtube. This means, these pages are super light-weight. Your server is doing nothing.

The SEs don't read the twitter stream and the youtube videos don't have any text words.

See how I used this sentence in the page:
I watched this video on my ipod at least 100 times when we went on vacation to Disney World in Florida.

I'm just trying to work in a few keywords on the page. These keywords should be used very lightly, and generally relate to the sites you're linking to in your camouflage links.

But you do need to get some text on these pages. Not alot, just enough that Google can see the page isn't empty. The main goal of CamoBomb pages is to be able to build a lot of links to without people getting suspicious, then pass all that link juice on to other pages.

BTW, scroll down to the bottom right of the page and look at the last 5 tweets...Those are the Camouflage links and there are the only external links on the page that can be read by the engines.

Pretty cool. huh? Think you would have spotted them if I didn't point them out to you here and again on the page?

This stream using javascript is even better than attempting to "PageRank Sculpt"...You won't leak any pagerank and you don't have to use the nofollow tag either. The engines simply don't read the stream.

Using Hot Trends and Social Media for Marketing CamoBomb Pages

Go to:

This site lists "trending" Youtube videos on Twitter and Facebook. This are the hottest videos and are going viral.

And since they are on Youtube, you can add them to your CamoBomb pages.

This is instant GREAT content.

People are telling you exactly what they want on Twitter and Facebook and Youtube and Blinkx lets you add that content to your pages for FREE.

Think about this for a minute...

Keep thinking about this...They even tell you where to get the traffic! (Twitter and Facebook)

I repeat:

You know what they want.

You know where to get what they want, and it's free.

You even know where to go to get the people that want to see these videos.

Here's the catch though...To really take fullest advantage of this type of marketing you need to have good Twitter and Facebook networks. You can really drive some traffic to a page like this using social networks.

The hope is that the page will go viral and you'll gather links naturally in 2.0 World.

Twitter and Facebook traffic isn't the best, and we'll add some stuff to these pages to try to take advantage of some more ideas.

While these pages are even better when used with Twitter and all social media, CamoBomb pages are great for profile linking. When building profile links, use a CamoBomb page to do it. They look totally innocent and who is going to complain about someone's Justin Bieber fan page?

#4, RE: Kamo-flage System (Coming soon)
Posted by Kurt on Oct-03-10 at 03:14 AM
In response to message #3
This demo page is a simple, stripped down model:

I'm going to also make a CamoBomb page system that has all the bells and whistles.

You can either start with the basic version and add a few things, or use the "fully-dressed" version and take some stuff out.

I couldn't figure out what to add or leave out, so I thought this was the best option.

Things like Adsense, Amazon, maybe a popup/opt-in, etc.

#5, RE: Kamo-flage System (Coming soon)
Posted by jeffhope on Oct-03-10 at 06:02 AM
In response to message #4
Simply Brilliant Kurt!

Too bad that Waylon, Willie, and the Rolling Stones don't trend these days!

#6, RE: Kamo-flage System (Coming soon)
Posted by Kurt on Oct-04-10 at 02:16 AM
In response to message #5
LAST EDITED ON Oct-04-10 AT 02:16 AM (PST)
>Simply Brilliant Kurt!
>Too bad that Waylon, Willie, and the Rolling Stones don't
>trend these days!

Hey Jeff and All...

First, check the first post for download link...

It's kind of funny Jeff brought up the "topic", the reason I chose
Justin Bieber is because he's perfect camo for older people and will help "repell" SEOers. LOL

If you really want to deflect people, put up a Donny Osmond stream page.

Actually, this is a project that should be fun. For Twitter/Facebook promo you need to trend, but just for linking bait, you can do whatever you want.

And even if you are using trends, put the videos that make you laugh and/or find the most interesting. That's what will make these pages good.

This is one time where you don't have to worry about SEO, copywriting, etc.

Here's a little grey hat theory:

I haven't tried this, as it isn't quite my style...But I admit the thought is crossing my mind...

You build pages above using trends, then send people to the pages using Twitter and Facebook.

In the page you set a delayed exit popunder that activates 5-10 minutes after they leave your CamoBomb page. This way, they don't know what page served the popunder.

The popunder matches the demographics (but NOT the topic) of the CamoBomb page. For example, Waylon and Willie are popular with people 50+ in Texas.

So, in your popunder have an affiliate program that sells combo rifle racks/6 pack holders for pickup trucks.

Seriously, you can put anything in the popunder.

And again, the popunder is delayed by 5-10 minutes...I had this happen to me a few weeks ago when I visited a site and it took me awhile to figure out what was going on and who did it. And it's really no different than any other popup/popunder, except for the delay hides that you're the one doing the popunder and fewer people may complain on Twitter or Facebook, etc.

#7, RE: Kamo-flage System (Coming soon)
Posted by BomberGraham on Aug-03-11 at 07:03 AM
In response to message #6
Kurt is there a way of making this technique work for things like Wordpress Blogs and Web 2.0 sites.

I have been experimenting with SEnuke and a couple of other tools to see how it might work and managed to get something similar. I believe if this process could be automated for web 2.0 sites and even our own blogs the effects could be awesome. I know you are not a big user of Wordpress but imagine if we could?

#8, RE: Kamo-flage System (Coming soon)
Posted by Kurt on Aug-03-11 at 08:41 AM
In response to message #7
>Kurt is there a way of making this technique work for things like
>Wordpress Blogs and Web 2.0 sites.
>I have been experimenting with SEnuke and a couple of other tools to
>see how it might work and managed to get something similar. I
>believe if this process could be automated for web 2.0 sites and
>even our own blogs the effects could be awesome. I know you are not
>a big user of Wordpress but imagine if we could?

Hey Graham...

Are you asking about the strategy being automated or the technical stuff?

As you said, I don't use WP, so I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to all things concerning it. I'll think about it and try to come up with something, but can't promise.

The only thing that comes to mind at this time is using iframes with WP, but you'd still need to make the html pages to display in the frames, which defeats the purpose.

With Tuelz and Blinx, it's pretty easy to mass produce these pages. The exception is adding All Posters, which isn't necessary.