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#0, Linez - Official Thread
Posted by Kurt on Jan-30-06 at 07:03 PM
LAST EDITED ON Apr-22-06 AT 05:54 AM (PST)
Linez ReadMe

Linez is a tuel that will manipulate each LINE of text using a number of functions.

You can either load a file by browsing your PC, or simply paste some lines of text/html.

Shuffle - Will randomly re-order the lines.

Reverse - Reverses the order of lines.

Crop After - Enter a number of characters, and Linez will delete all characters after the number you enter. Good for making lines of uniform length.

Prefix Lines - Adds the input to the START of each line.

Suffix Lines - Add the input to the END of each line.

Copy Lines Containing - Input words or text strings and Linez will copy those lines to your clipboard. Great for pulling out relevant keywords from a larger list.

Cut Lines Containing - Similar to "Copy Lines", however Cut Lines will remove the lines containing the input, while still copying them to the clipboard.

Find & Replace - A basic find and replace function that works on the lines in the main input box.

Sort Lines - Alphabetical - Self Explanatory

Sort Lines - Numeric - Self Explanatory

Join Lines - Will combine all lines on a single line.

Break Lines - Input where you want Linez to add "line breaks" and Linez will seperate them into seperate lines of text.

Add Numbers - Will add numbers in numerical order to the beginning of each line.

Remove Numbers - Deletes all numbers only at the begining of each line.

#1, Using Linez with AdWords and Other PPC Campaigns
Posted by Kurt on Jul-05-06 at 07:16 PM
In response to message #0
Let's say you are running an AdWords campaign using 1000's of keywords and you want to find your most profitable words and phrases.

Simply use Linez' "cut lines containing" or "copy lines containing" function to break you list into smaller lists, isolating certain phrases containing the same keyword(s) into groups for testing and tracking.

#2, Linez Question
Posted by Harivney on Jul-27-11 at 06:55 PM
In response to message #1
Can linez or an other tuelz take a text file and creaate a line for each sentence.

goal is to shuffle sentences.

#3, RE: Linez Question
Posted by Kurt on Jul-27-11 at 07:01 PM
In response to message #2
>Can linez or an other tuelz take a text file and creaate a line for
>each sentence.
>goal is to shuffle sentences.


Linez can do this to some degree. You need to use the "Add Line Break" feature and add line breaks after: .

Then you can use the Shuffle function to mix up the order.

However, there is a logical problem to consider. There may be words in sentences like "Mr." that will also have line breaks added.

If you want to add the sentences in random orders to create articles, copy them from Linez, then use the Randomz Tuel.

Read this thread in the main forum for more info: