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#0, Moniterz Full and General Download Info (July 2010)
Posted by Kurt on Jun-22-10 at 04:23 AM
LAST EDITED ON Jun-22-10 AT 04:26 AM (PST)
Hey Everyone...

I'm not going to have an official download date of the 20th any more. Instead, I will drip-feed stuff as soon as it's ready. Some things will only be available for a short time.

The date of the 20th was signifigant for a while because all members joined around the 20th of the month, but that's no longer the case. So I'll just post things when I have them.

Right now, here's Moniterz FULL. This has NEVER been offered before for less than $67, and I won't leave this up for long.

I know, Moniterz is boring. But it may be the most important Tuel (or tool) you own if you have websites.

What's more important that your site being up in the first place?

And how fast is it?

Google now claims that speed is a <small> factor in rankings. But that's just one benefit of a fast site. Another is test after test show that for every few seconds visitors to a site have to wait, the more they click away, never to see your site.

Use Moniterz on your money sites, as well as the main domain for any hosting and/or servers you have.

Download and unzip.

Exit Tuelz.exe

Move moniterz.mod into your Tuelz folder and over-write the existing version.

Restart Tuelz.exe

To watch a short video tutorial which explains the basics of your new Tuelz, please click here:

Moniterz Tip

I like to set Configuration:

Check period:
3 minutes

Number of retries:
retry 2

What this means is, Moniterz will check the site every 3 minutes and the site will have to fail 2 times before "sounding the alarm".

This eliminates a lot of false errors or times when the site has been down for a short reason but is back up. This gives me the best balance between checking pretty often while eliminating almost all the false alarms.

Similar programs can sell for over $100, and they are worth it. Boring, maybe but there is NOTHING more important.

There is a catch, you need to set it up and start Tuelz whenever your PC is on..Then Moniterz will monitor your business for you.

No excuses.

#1, RE: Moniterz Full and General Download Info (July 2010)
Posted by Kurt on Jun-22-10 at 04:27 AM
In response to message #0
Quick note: I'll leave downloads up for at least a month. If you miss it, you miss it.

Please don't email me...I want to see you around here at least once a month.

#2, RE: Moniterz Full and General Download Info (July 2010)
Posted by Kurt on Aug-05-10 at 07:04 PM
In response to message #1
LAST EDITED ON Feb-26-11 AT 02:10 PM (PST)
I'll leave this up just a little bit longer....

But I want to point out something you may not have thought of concerning your link "wheels".

I'm using the term "link wheels" very loosely and I really mean any linking strategy.

Let's say you have a linking pattern set up something like this:

bookmarks -> free host -> blogger -> secondary host -> hubpages -> Gold Site

If you lose your link on any of these properties, you've lost some of the power of your link wheel. And the closer the lost link is to your Gold Site, the more power you've lost.

If this is an important link wheel, you may want to use Moniterz to check to make sure your links are up on certain pages. In the example above, I'd definitely have Moniterz moniter my secondary host as well as my Gold Site and the free hosting, but I'd also consider adding the Hubpage to Moniterz.

The Hubpage is close to the Gold Site and I want to keep my eye on it...

This full version of Moniterz can scan pages to make sure a certain string of text is on the page. I may want to set Moniterz to look for some text in an article to make sure an account hasn't been cancelled.

If you have an Ezine Articles or multiple Twitter and FaceBook accounts, you may want to monitor them.

You go through a lot of trouble creating content, sites, blogs, links, etc. Spend a few seconds to set up Moniterz to keep an eye on your most important assets. I think you may find the info gathered by Moniterz interesting, if not essential.