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#0, April 20 2010 - The Commentz Project
Posted by Kurt on Apr-07-10 at 02:17 PM
LAST EDITED ON May-19-10 AT 00:05 AM (PST)
April 20 2010 Downloads:


Scrapes content from Youtube, Wikipedia and Quotes. Mix in some Blinkx video "walls" to make some quick and interesting camouflage sites.

Coming in a couple of days (almost done) - Takes our scraped content and makes hybrid html sites that gives us the best of both html pages and blog features.

Coming in a couple of days - Will add our Comments projects to ZZ Tuel to add to our RSS netword and automate cross linking.

Tuelz are a little "strange" in that they build a "web server" right on your windows PC and run in your browser. This makes them perfect to work with uBots, which are built to run in web browsers.

I should be able to automate 70%+ of some tasks such as setting up projects with ZZ Tuel, Commentz and Hubz.

Probably the best thing you can do now to prepare is to find as many free/cheap hosts as possible. The only thing you need is FTP access.

When acquiring free hosting, be sure to note a few things:

A lot of what seems to be different free hosts are really all hosted on the same IP address. We want Ip diversity for this project.

Many of the links will be dead.

If you don't log into/FTP to your free account fairly often, then your account will probably be deleted.

Free accounts seem to have a "half life" of about 6 months. This means you'll lose about 1/2 of all your free accounts every 6 months. You just need to build them faster than they are lost, which should become a lot easier if I can merge Tuelz and bots.

#1, RE: April 20 2010 - What's Coming Up
Posted by Kurt on Apr-09-10 at 09:27 PM
In response to message #0

>Probably the best thing you can do now to prepare is to find
>as many free/cheap hosts as possible. The only thing you
>need is FTP access.

Also, you'll want to get some "chunks" together. At least 25 good paragraphs of content. PLR that is slightly rewritten is good.

What this bot will do is take your chunks, grab some Youtube videos, some quotes, a joke or two, some short quotes from wikipedia.

You'll need to go to Morguefile.com and download 10-20 images.

Then the bot and Tuelz will create some pages, mixing and matching all these elements.

It will also add the Commentz Tuel features to the pages, which are many.

Then we'll add ZZ Tuel to the bot...We'll use ZZ to grab our main BlogBomb RSS pheed and lightly spinkle links to our other resourses.

Here's what will happen:

You create a profile or blog that has an RSS pheed

You add the RSS pheed to BlogBomb

BlogBomb checks the pheeds on a schedule to check for updates.

BlogBomb also takes in multiple RSS pheeds and "outputs" them into a single RSS pheed.

ZZ Tuel will read this RSS pheed and add some of the content from this main RSS pheed to your ZZ Tuel pages, creating your own automated cross-linking system.

I can automate a lot of this through bots. About the only thing that you'll need to do by hand is set up a few folders, download some pictures, and set up FTP (the first time only for each project).

Now you'll have the best camauflage pages around. Use the comments to camauflage your links to other profile pages. This is an excellent way to get them the little boost they need.

The system will also have pre-designed templates for you and I've added some fake "google ads" so you can hide some more links here.

Plus these are "static" html pages that you can edit and SEO individually.

But, you have the best of both worlds. You get the automation of blogs:
Template system
auto-cross linking
RSS creation and pinging

And the power of html:
Add any html, java, cgi form, include to these pages. They are "regular" html pages.
Edit and SEO on page by page basis
Use very little server resources

Plus, you get the "central command station" in Commentz. You can add more pages, moderate and add comments, allow your users to add content (and moderate their pages) across ALL domains, all from your Tuelz on your desktop.

The key will be to keep finding free hosts and running the bots and Tuelz each time.

#2, RE: April 20 2010 - What's Coming Up
Posted by Kurt on Apr-18-10 at 11:13 PM
In response to message #1
LAST EDITED ON Apr-21-10 AT 11:14 PM (PST)
This month we'll focus on making automated sites using the Tuelz.

There's three basic steps:

1 Collecting and Creating Content

2 Making Pages Using the Content

3 Adding the Pages to Commentz/Hubz/ZZ Tuel projects for automation

This is a really cool system that creates a "hybrid" type sites...They use static html pages so we have all the control, plus they are super quick loading, but also have all the power of blogs.

Because these are static sites, they are perfect for cheap and free hosts.

And remember this point: Spend a little more time when you can create a property on someone else's IP address. A link is just a link, but if you build just a 50 page site and only put 3 links on each page, that's 150 links. And a lot of this will be automated.

This won't take long and it will get faster and easier. And we'll be able to create 100s and 1000s of pages we can use for automation.

I'm creating some bots that will greatly reduce the time and effort needed. I've had requests to create videos to show you some ways to use Tuelz, now I can create a bot that will do the work for you, as easily as I can create a video to show you how to do something...

Not everything is push-button and some things need to be done by hand. And the bots will have errors. I'll expand and fix stuff if you guys show interest in them.

Content Scraper System and BomBot

Download ContentScraperBotBom Here (coming soon)

Content Sources:

YouTube - Scrapes the embed code to embed the videos in your pages.

It works in 3 different modes:

1. Automatic - Scrapes videos based on your keywords. Outputs in Fatbomb friendly format to add to Fatbomb search engines and pages.

2. Automatic - Scrapes videos based on your keywords. Outputs in Tuelz friendly format, more to come soon.

3. Manual - Surf to a page manually and click the button when you see a video you want to add to your collection. The bot scrapes the needed info and outputs in Tuelz format. This is a great way to add only the best, hand-picked videos to your collection.

Blinx - Blinkx is another site that lets you embed their videos in your pages. The cool thing about Blinkx is they create a "wall" of videos. The bot doesn't scrape Blinkx, but I've set up the code so all you need to do is add your keywords.

Quotes - The bot will scrape some quotes based on your keywords and save them fir future use.

Wikipedia/pheeds.com - I have a mirror of Wikipedia. I've set it up so that you can scrape Wikipedia from my site and not have any links in the content.

Chunks - You should also have some chunks of content. These can even be blog type posts and paragraphs, that talk about your fishing trip, diet, homework, bowling team, etc. Just rambling is perfect.

Once we collect our content, we'll use the Tuelz to spin it into different combos to make pages.

Blinkz.txt - Open blinkx.txt then find and change "las vegas" to your various keywords. You can repeat keywords as I've varied the blinkx code a bit.

Open ContentScraperBotBom

Select "Tuelz Auto Scrape"

Enter three keyword phrases, one per box. Keep them very general. Don't use long tail!

Press the start button

WARNING: This bot will produce an error on pages that aren't formatted as expected. Just hit the message window and the bot will restart. It's a little pain...I'll try to fix it if there's interest.

ContentScraperBotBom will scrape the code for about 20 videos per each of the 3 keywords, for a total of about 60 videos per run.

These Youtube strings are saved in the TuelzAutoPageScrape.txt file.

NOTE: Each time you run the bot it will clear this file. If you want more videos, you must copy/paste them to another file before running the bot again.

If you are running the bot in the manual mode, it will clear the ManualPageScrape.txt file each time you restart the bot, adding more videos to the file each time you hit the button until you restart the bot.

Quote: Select the Quote mode

Enter a Keyword - This should be a very general keyword

Press the start button

Repeat if you want.

These quotes are stored in the quotes.txt file.

Pheeds.com: Select Pheeds.com mode

Enter three general keywords/phrases, one per box

Press the start button.

Repeat with different keywords if you want.

These quotes are stored in the pheeds.txt file.

Open Blinkx.txt and TuelzAutoPageScrape.txt file and the ManualPageScrape.txt file (if you used it).

Copy all three files into a new text file called:

Open quotes.txt and paste into the Linez Tuel
Prefix each line: <p>

Copy the results and paste into a new txt file:

Open pheeds.txt and paste into alltext.txt.

Open any chunks and paste into alltext.txt.

Now you should have two text files, one containing all your video code strings and all your text code strings.

Next, we'll use them to make pages...Lots and lots of pages.

#3, RE: April 20 2010 - What's Coming Up
Posted by Kurt on Apr-22-10 at 00:46 AM
In response to message #2
LAST EDITED ON May-19-10 AT 00:07 AM (PST)

Note: ContentScraperBotBom is now ready for download. I've added it the download here and to the first post:
www.dombom.com/iframes/ContentScraperBotBom1a.zip updated May 19, 2010

Be sure to keep checking this thread often, as I have some other stuff I'll be adding over the next couple of days.

Also, this may take some time, but if you put in a little effort, you'll collect enough content to create 5-25 sites. So much of the content scraping stage only needs to be done once per niche.

Having said that, it's good to make a few changes every couple of domains. Go through the text files and remove a few lines, then add a add a few more. This will give you a ever-changing variety.

Remember, these sites aren't intended to rank highly, you don't need to do a lot of SEO. I

These sites are meant to collect link juice and to pass that link juice on in ways that camouflage the intentions of these sites.

You want to create pages of general interest. You want to post videos that are popular and appeal to a wide audience without offending anyone. Ghosts, jokes, aliens, urban legends, animals, humor, TV, music, movies, jokes and more are perfect for this.

You want to try to embed videos that are being bookmarked on Youtube in your own pages. If the video is popular on Youtube, then you may as well host it, promote it and benefit from it, after all Youtube lets us do it, may as well take advantage.

And good, popular videos are just the type of things you should be bookmarking, not some sales page for bad breath cures. Just use your funny video page to advertise and link to "bad breath cures".

Again, we'll be using this content over and over, so get busy and in a day or two we'll move on the this next step: Adding the content we just collect to the Commentz Tuel using another Bot to create super-powerful hybrid html pages.

After that, we'll add ZZ Tuel to the mix, which will include these projects into our RSS network we started last month.

#4, RE: April 20 2010 - What's Coming Up
Posted by Kurt on Apr-22-10 at 02:02 AM
In response to message #3
Update: Above I said that ContentScraperBotBom was giving errors. Now it seems to be OK.

When I first did the bot, there weren't any errors. A day or two later, it gave a few errors. Today, I ran it and again no errors. I think Youtube is changing something on their pages.

Also, the directions make it seem like a lot more work than it really is. Youtube will take about 7-8 minutes to run, but you only need to input 3 keywords.

Scraping pheeds.com/wikipedia only takes a minute or two, as does the Quote scraper.

If you read the directions, you'll see a lot of "click button"...Just open the Bot and run it, it's easy.

#5, Commentz BomBot
Posted by Kurt on May-05-10 at 00:16 AM
In response to message #4
LAST EDITED ON May-05-10 AT 00:21 AM (PST)

Tuelz Site Making System

Download the package here:


- 50 "blog-like" templates for this project, so you don't have to worry about site design. You'll need to use these templates for this, as I've added special "marker" text to the template.

- PageBomb.exe

- Commentz_BomBot.exe

- .htaccess - This is a simple file that tells your server it's OK to use SSI tags in your html pages. It's a necessary file.

- The script and and style files are used by the template for formatting and are needed to make sure the layout is maintained.

- Blockquote.html and naviation.html - Important! These two files are "included" using SSI tags. In plain english, that means what ever you put in these files will be inserted into all the pages containing the SSI tag.

This means, if you change blockquote.html (and upload it), every single page on your site will also update. I've included 3 fake adsense type links in blockquote.html. Open blockquote.html and change the links to whatever you want. Keep in mind these links will be "site wide".

The same thing goes with naviation.html, anything written to this file will appear in the navigation part of the web page. Commentz is set up to update this file each time a new page is added, so each page will contain a link to the newest addtions. It is possible for you to modify this file, just remember that every time there's an update Commentz will update the naviation.html file.

Quick Start

If you want to set up a quick blog-type system, you can skip the content scraping stage above plus Steps 1 and 2 Making Pages and Adding Content in the directions below.

Just run the Commentz_BomBot in the Commentz mode on the folder containing index.html.

Open index.html in your favorite web page/html editor and add the page basics, such as page title, etc. plus content and images or anything else you want to add.

Upload/ftp the contents of the project folder, including the images folder, to your website.

You now have a blog that uses html pages.

For more details, skip to Step 3: "Commentz: below.

Step 1: Make Template Pages

Time: 3 mins

Make a copy of one of the 50 template folders

Name it for the domain the site will be hosted. Don't worry about what the templates look like and which is best...Instead, your goal is to use them all. So just pick one and get going.

Open Pagebomb_template.html using a text editor. You can find Pagebomb_template.html in the main download folder.

Open the special program PageBomb.exe - It should be included in your template download package.

Copy the entire html from the Pagebomb_template.html

Paste the html into PageBomb in the template box.

Paste or type a list of keywords into the keyword box, one per line, into Pagebomb - Use a list of 10-35 general keywords, each keyword will create a webpage. We're not looking to do a lot of SEO here, so choose the most general keywords you can...A good percentage don't have to be specifically related to your niches.

Select the folder of template pages you just created as the destination for your created pages.

Click "Go" button.

Add Content from Scraper Bot

Time: 5 mins

Open Tuelz.exe AND Open Commentz_BomBot.exe - Don't forget to open both!!!

Also open the two text files you made with the content scraper bot:

In Commentz_BomBot, select the CONTENT mode

Then click the START button - The bot should navigate to the Randomz Tuel

Folder/Path: - Browse to the folder you made in the first step for this project

Paste all the lines of text from your allvideo.txt file into the "Enter Text Strings" box

Check the settings, change if you want, but do NOT change the before/after text.

Click Randomize Now button

Click Bot START button

Repeat, this time adding your TEXT from the alltext.txt file into Randomz.

Click Randomize Now button

Click Bot START button

Internal Linking

Time: 2 mins

The first stage will add "Next" and "Back" links to the bottom of all your pages. In essence, this means each page has at least two other pages linking to it, good for link juice and spidering.

Open Commentz_BomBot

Select "Internal Linking" mode.

Click Bot START button

The Bot should navigate to the Keymapz Tuel page.

Paste Folder Directory Path or Select Project Folder

Double check any import forms and modify them if you want.

Click "Add Keymapz"

You've now created a mini-site of html pages. Next, let's take these pages and run them through Commentz to add tons of powerful and dynamic blog-like features:

Step 3: Commentz:

Time: 2 mins

Open Commentz_BomBot

Select "Commentz" mode.

Enter Project Name

Click Bot START button

Wait for Bot to Stop.

Browse and enter Folder Path to the project pages

Double check any import forms and modify them if you want.

Scroll down to area #24 - In the Commentz_BomBot browser window, scroll down to area #24 FTP Server Details. Fill in the FTP login info for your web host.

Click the "Browse" button. A pop-up window will appear and Tuelz will FTP to your site. Using the pop-up window, navigate on your site to the folder where you want Tuelz to upload your pages.

Scroll down to area #25 Select Ping Services and check the "All" box for the MAIN ping services only. (I couldn't get the bot to do this correctly)

Important: Double check to make sure the URL generated by Commentz is correct. Commentz will try to guess what the URL is, but make sure it's good or it will mess up your cross-linking system.

Click "Add Project"

Commentz will take your post and create a new page from it, upload it, add a link to it, update the RSS pheed to include it, ping the RSS pheed, all in a few seconds.

#6, RE: Commentz BomBot
Posted by Kurt on May-05-10 at 00:32 AM
In response to message #5
LAST EDITED ON May-05-10 AT 00:46 AM (PST)

Using Commentz - Why use Commentz?

Is very fast to set up a basic Commentz site using the Bot and Tuelz.

Nothing to install

No MYSQL databases to mess with

Paste and click content Auto FTP. One click does it all.

Auto cross-linking new pages

Accepts User Comments for User Generated Content...A great way to dedoop!

All comments moderated from your Commentz admin...Manage comments across multiple domains all from your desktop

Lets you fully edit all parts of posted comments, including URL. If I get a good "spam", I'll use it and just change the link to one of my own.

Auto Creates an RSS pheed from new content - Don't forget to submit it to the RSS directories!

Auto Ping When New Content Added

Extreme Power and Control for Experts And at the Same Time Easy for Beginners.

When you add a new page, option to fully modify the template...Try doing this with a blog.

Simple Imput forms assist with basic SEO

Keeps a copy of your pages on your computer. Your site is stored on your PC. If your server hard drive fails, you still have your stuff.

Individual Pages Means Total Control - Because these are html pages stored on your PC, you can open any or all of them up in your favorite web editor and change them any way you want. Add a CPA offer to a single page, or add banners only to your home page...Maybe add nofollow links to your affiliate links, but not to your own sites.

(You just have to be careful with the marker tags that tell Commentz where to put stuff.)

No Limits! - Want to add a subscribe form or javascript? Maybe include some custom php? These are HTML pages, just do it.

Tuelz - You can make changes and manage tons of pages easily as many Tuelz were designed specifically for managing lost of pages. The Tuelz combined with SSI tags make managing HTML sites just as easy as blogs do, but with tons more options.

Loads faster - Google recently announced that loading speed is a factor in page rankings and static pages will beat blog pages with similar content hands down.

Takes less server strain - Blogs are dynamic. This means the server has to "build" them each time, which is why they are slower. With Commentz, you use your own PC to make and update the pages, then upload them to your site. This method uses far less server power and your hosting will love you for it.

Great for cyber real-estate building, these pages are perfect for camouflage. You can hide links in the content, the comments and "fake" ads that point to your own resouces.

Tip: Put links to money making pages on these sites that get trafffic. Use sites that don't get traffic for linking purposes.

With this system, all you need is to be able to FTP, nothing else to worry about or install.

Post popular videos on these pages, then bookmark them. Combine some gentle Bookmarking with the built-in ping system to gain a few backlinks.

Your mission is to find stable free hosts. You'll lose them over time, but try to keep adding them a little faster than you lose them. Remember, these properties can each produce 100's and even 1000's of links.

#7, RE: Commentz BomBot
Posted by Kurt on May-05-10 at 00:34 AM
In response to message #6
I'm going to try to make a few videos. This stuff is really easier to do than it is to read about. The instructions make it seem a lot harder than it is.

#8, RE: Commentz BomBot
Posted by Kurt on May-05-10 at 05:46 AM
In response to message #7
LAST EDITED ON May-06-10 AT 02:24 AM (PST)
OK...Here's a video that shows the Quick Start method for setting a Commentz web site.


The video is about 3:43 long and I didn't do any voice-over. It doesn't take much longer than this to actually install a Commentz site and take advantage of all of the benefits.

Print out the following directions and follow along as you watch the video:

1 Copy one of the 50 template folders and rename it

2 Open index.html in a text editor or web editor and make basic changes.

3 Don't mess with the comment tags, they are markers telling

4 Commentz where to place content.

5 Open Tuelz.exe and wait for them to load in browser.

6 Open CommentzBomBot.exe

7 Pick a very general one-word keyword to name the project and to use as your main keyword.

8 Enter the one-word keyword into CommentzBomBot.

9 Click the START button

10 The Commentz Tuel should load in the browser. Wait a few seconds for it to load.

11 Browse to the folder you created in Step 1

12 Scroll down to Area #24 on the Commentz page.

13 Fill in your FTP host, user and password.

14 Click the browse button. A pop-up FTP window will appear.

15 Navigate to the folder on your web host you want to use for this project.

16 Click "OK" in the popup window. You should now return to the
Commentz main window.

17 Double check to make sure that the URL created by Commentz is corrct.

18 Skip to Area #25 and for the Ping services, select the "All" button.

19 Do NOT select the "All" button for the special services unless you have a good reason to.

20 Click "Add Project" button.

21 FTP to your site and upload the "images" folder that's in the template folder to its correct location.


#9, RE: Commentz BomBot
Posted by Kurt on May-06-10 at 02:23 AM
In response to message #8
Here's a list of free web hosts:

Note the IP addresses, as some of the hosts are on the same IP.

I'll make a bot to register with this free sites soon...

#10, Contentscraper Issue
Posted by ronzta on May-18-10 at 08:10 PM
In response to message #3
I've been sitting on this for a while. I haven't been able to get the quote or pheed aspect of the contentscraper bot to work properly. The youtube scraper works fine, however. I've installed, reinstalled, renamed, etc. But after the bot goes to the quote or pheed site with my keyword(s), it just sits. None of the text files get updated. Anyone else having these issues? Any ideas?



#11, RE: Contentscraper Issue
Posted by Kurt on May-19-10 at 00:05 AM
In response to message #10
>I've been sitting on this for a while. I haven't been able
>to get the quote or pheed aspect of the contentscraper bot
>to work properly. The youtube scraper works fine, however.
>I've installed, reinstalled, renamed, etc. But after the
>bot goes to the quote or pheed site with my keyword(s), it
>just sits. None of the text files get updated. Anyone else
>having these issues? Any ideas?

Hey Ron,

Good to see you....

Sorry about that, I think I fixed it. Try this version:

(Note: I also updated the link in the first post)

#12, RE: Contentscraper Issue
Posted by ronzta on May-19-10 at 06:32 AM
In response to message #11

>Hey Ron,
>Good to see you....
>Sorry about that, I think I fixed it. Try this version:
>(Note: I also updated the link in the first post)

Thanks Kurt. Good to see you as well. Am I only one that noticed this issue?


#13, RE: Contentscraper Issue
Posted by kelvin brown on May-26-10 at 04:26 PM
In response to message #12

I am getting ready to make a site with 93 different pages.
My first thought was this thread. But also, because hosting is not an issue, I thought of godfatherbomb.

Right off the top I see no reason not to use GFB to accomplish the same tasks, while still using the bots and zz in combination.

IN fact, I see 2 benefits.
#1: easy subscriber list via GF newsletter feature
#2: no need to have PC running to update.

Am i missing any thing, here.


#14, RE: Contentscraper Issue
Posted by Kurt on May-27-10 at 01:01 AM
In response to message #13
LAST EDITED ON Feb-26-11 AT 02:05 PM (PST)
>IN fact, I see 2 benefits.
>#1: easy subscriber list via GF newsletter feature
>#2: no need to have PC running to update.
>Am i missing any thing, here.

Hey Kelvin,

Here's the counter points:

No RSS pheed created by Godfather

No Auto Ping

Pages aren't created/backed-up on hard drive

No install (godfather is a tough install)