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Jul-16-04, 02:47 AM (PST)
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"Access To Private Forum?"
   I'm not sure where best to place this post...

Having registered for the Forums, downloaded and installed FatBomb, I've been trawling for ideas. On several occasions I've tried to follow links to threads for example;

However, when I click on these links, I'm given a message that access has been denied, since I do not have access to the forum, and that I should contact the system administrator.

Am I clicking a link for some private/protected forum? If so, how do I gain access to it?



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tasarimoderator click here to view user rating
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Jul-19-04, 08:19 AM (PST)
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1. "RE: Access To Private Forum?"
   LAST EDITED ON Jul-19-04 AT 10:53 AM (PST) by jeffhope (moderator)
If you got access you need to log off and log in again...

But you don't get access to the other forums if you have fatbomb, you only get access to it if you have bought one of Kurt's Bombs like blogbomb, GF, etc... if you have bought a script then email Kurt, you have his email address when you bought it

Note added by jeffhope: Access to the private forum isn't guaranteed by purchasing one of the bomb products.

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unregistered bomber
Jul-19-04, 05:45 PM (PST)
2. "RE: Access To Private Forum?"
   Many thanks for your feedback Jeff and Tasari.

I presume that when you refer to purchase of a bomb script, you aren't including the $35.00 donation for Fatbomb - to move towards qualifying, you need to purchase one of the other bombs, right?



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