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"Spinz ReadME"
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Spinz is a tuel that takes a small number of your most important keywords and phrases and spins them into a vast variety of combinations.

You can use Spinz to create "fingerprintless" page titles, meta tags, as well as paragraph headers and sentences.

Use Spinz with other Tuelz to add an assortment of variety to your pages.

Search engines are cracking down on pages with patterns and Spinz is the ultimate pattern breaker.

-Boom boom boom boom.

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1. "RE: Spinz ReadME"
   Spinz Readme. Spinz will take your very best keywords and will mix them up into every possible combination.

This means, your researched keywords and take your ten best, eleven best or more keywords and scramble them into a thousand (or more) different combinations. You can create sentences and using with Ricks Link Bomb create thousands of unique keyword links. There is so much more you can do with this Tuel that is only limited by your imagination.

The first thing you must do is exit Tuelz and unzip Spinz in the same directory that Tuelz is in when you restart Tuelz you'll see Spinz 1.0 with the rest of your Tuelz.

Open spinz by clicking the Spinz 1.0 link. First line you'll see
is "Max Words per Phrase?" along with the box to insert a number. The default is one. The next line is "Max Number of Combinations?" along with the box to insert a number. The default is 1000 you can change this to any number you want.

I have taken eleven colors to demonstrate follow closely...

If you just click on spin words without changing anything you get the same colors repeated 1000 times, not very good eh! Ok here is where the full power of Spinz comes in:

Notice these lines Separator Text:
Add before combination:
Add after combination:

Leaving the separator text box blank,
Inserting the word Try in add before combination, and paint in add after combination we get the following:

try blue paint
try yellow paint
try pink paint
try white paint
try black paint
try green paint
try purple paint
try ivory paint
try aqua paint
try red paint
try orange paint

Using Max Words per Phrase? entering 2 we get

try blue white paint
try blue black paint
try blue green paint
try blue purple paint
try blue ivory paint
try blue aqua paint
try pink yellow paint
try pink white paint
try pink black paint
try pink green paint
try pink purple paint
try pink ivory paint
try pink aqua paint
try pink red paint
try pink orange paint
try white blue paint
try white yellow paint
try white pink paint
try white black paint
try white green paint

You notice your two main keyword are in this small
example list. Removing the try and paint and inserting
2 in the Max Words per Phrase?
we get this:

yellow green
yellow purple
yellow ivory
yellow aqua
yellow red
yellow orange
pink blue
pink yellow
pink white
pink black

A couple of points to remember when using the
Separator Text:
Add before combination:
Add after combination:

Hit the space bar before inserting text or symbols and right after otherwise your results are going to look like this:
Tryaqua- pinkpaint
Tryaqua- whitepaint
Tryaqua- blackpaint
Tryaqua- greenpaint
Tryaqua- purplepaint
Tryaqua- ivorypaint
Tryaqua- redpaint

That's it. If you have any questions or you are not
certain about something let me know.
Spinz away!

Tom Eleam

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