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Coming Soon...

Intro: Linez is a tuel to help you manipulate lines of text (or html, etc). Each string of text MUST be on a seperate line for Linez to work properly, as it treats each line as a unique "thing".

Loading text or html:

1. Either paste/type in the path to your file or click the Browse button.

2. Once you've navigated to your file, click the "Load" button and your file will appear in the "box".

Alternatively, you can copy/paste your text into the box.

Mixes your lines in random order.

Reverses the order of your lines.

Crop Lines After:
Will "erase" all text AFTER the number of characters entered.

Prefix Each Line:
Adds the text to the BEGINNING of each line.

Suffix Each Line:
Adds the text to the END of each line.

Sort Lines Alphabetically:
Self explanatory.

skipping __ characters When sorting, sometimes your lines will all begin with the same letter(s) and you'll want to still sort them. It's hard to explain, so here's an example:

Let's say you have a list of domain names:

Many sort functions in other software wouldn't alphabetize this list, thinking they all start with the letters www.

However, if you input "4" characters (the 3 w's plus the period), Linez will "ignore" the first 4 characters and sort the dommain names based on the fourth character, not the first.

Sort Lines Numerically:
Self explanatory.

Remove dupes when sorting:
If checked, will remove duplicate lines for EITHER sort function.

Number Lines:
Adds numbers in sequence to the beginning of each line.

add periods and add blank spaces:
Allows some basic formatting to the numbers, for example:
1. Cat in the hat
2. I'm in the dog house.

Remove Numbers:
Removes numbers at the BEGGINING OF LINES ONLY.

periods blank spaces:
If checked, will also remove the basic formatting discussed above.

Self explanatory. Note: To do a "save as", just change the file name at the end of the "path".

Split file:
If you have a big file, or any file for that matter, and want to make it into multiple files, just enter the number of files to create and Linez will divide the file as evenly as possible, then "split" them into multiple files, depending on the number you've inputted.

To name and number the files, use the # (number sign) to designate where to put the numbering.

For example,
#page.html will create pages named like 1page.html 2page.html and so on, since the # (number sign) is before the page names, the numbers will be inserted BEFORE as well.

Page#.html will create pages named Page1.html Page2.html etc.

-Boom boom boom boom.

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