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RZZ ReadMe

Consider this "beta" as I haven't tested it much, but did try it on a 1.7 meg Spiderbomb file, and it converted in in about 3 seconds, on my PC.

RZZ will convert any file that's in the "fatbomb format" into an RSS file.

FatBomb format:

Example:|Keyword Armory|Discover tons of keyword resources

Once you "load" your file, you will need to enter some basic info for your RSS pheed...You can really put just about anything, but below are some suggestions:

RSS Title: Site name or page title.

RSS Description: Give a brief description, inlcuding some main keywords.

RSS Link: The URL to the web page, NOT the rss pheed.

RSS Language: en or en-us (for english, unless your pheed is in another language)

That's about it...

-Boom boom boom boom.

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