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Oct-03-06, 07:16 PM (PST)
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"bombing offline"
It's not exactly SEO but bombing strategies work offline also.

Sad to say, but I currently know more about people I have met online, than I do where I live, in DC.

In an effort to get out of the dungeon more, I decided to , well just get out.

The opportunity came for me to teach class again.

The class is a workshop on how small business can take advantage of using the Internet.

So where is the bomber reference. Part of being a bomber is using multiple strategies to work towards a goal. Usually taking advantage of multiple strategies, at least one or two should work at any given time.

Teach the class, gets me in front of people.
Those people can ask me questions and get real, useable answers.
These people in turn, leave talking about what they just learned.
Usually, telling a friend or associate how smart they are, after attending my class.

That works as social bookmarking. Because the classes are now in one place instead of me moving around the city.

I was recently interviewed on a Philly radio station, and have been asked to do a local radio show in DC.

From the class I have been asked if I could customize it for insurance agents.

A person asked if he could send his non-profit clients to me, for the free class as well as private consulting.

Because of the class I have also picked up advertising clients for my local directories.
Often, while moving around the city running errands, I take my digital camera.
When people see the camera and my press pass , 'made up', they want to know what I do.
I tell them I take one minute commercials to add to the directories.

There is more, but I use all these strategies, mainly to get advertisers for the directory.

So, even offline, you can use bomber strategies.


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Oct-03-06, 10:30 PM (PST)
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1. "RE: bombing offline"

Excellent strategies, except I don't think it is that hard to get a real Press Pass. Could be different post 9/11, but maybe not, you should check into it.


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