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Oct-04-06, 09:51 AM (PST)
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"Is this the one where I say hello?"
   LAST EDITED ON Oct-04-06 AT 11:04 AM (PST)
Hello Iím the new guy Roy
Iím a bit of an inventor My code is a bit rough and ready like my sites, but thatís okay cos not many people see them =)

Anyways thought Iíd say hello

**EDIT - been reading **

Do you people have time for a newbie like me?

I'll tell you why I ask: I've just found this site and I barely understand what you're talking about I think I know what a bomb is now (I think) Tochnocrati social bookmarking tag and ping are all words I learnt a few minutes ago.

I've concentrated on making innovative websites thinking people will stumble across them and well I guess they don't. I make them the old fashioned coding raw html and css.

All my sites do things that no one else does on the NET ! well most of them so I think they're of value once people find them. I have one site that as had a total of 570 visitors since april but it's made £700 in sales thats about $3 per visitor. Another site I physically made a village website for every village in england actually makes the html takes up disk not dynamically loaded from a database. the program make 720 websites a second so in 2 minutes 26 seconds it creates 19,000 sites with 80,000 pages containg 240,000 adsense ads and each site has ajax chat. the CTR on the ads is quite high because of the fine relevance but I only get 50 visitors a week so its a high percentage of F$*" all. I have another that puts subliminal messages in your photos.

so Now I'm doing promotion stuff now and I'm going to be asking some dumb questions if thats okay?.

I would like to list some of my sites and you tell me whether you think they have potential and some advice how I might start promoting them

I learn quick and am a friendly open trusting guy, I cant offer much technical input but I do have good ideas and am almost peminently out of the box.

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