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"How to get .edu links"
Here's a video from Chad that brings up a good startegy:

This is true link bait or a "camouflage" pages...But I think we can do a little better.

Instead of using Google Scholar, try Google Uncle Sam:

This searches for US gov pages. And almost all .gov content is public domain. Note the "almost". Sometimes they use a photo, etc that isn't pubic domain. But it's a good start.

Also, this doesn't include sites, as they probably aren't public domain, so make sure it's a Fed site and not a state site.

However, copying Googe results directly probably isn't legal as a case can be made that the rankings are Google's "opinion" (held up in court) and that their summaries are written by their algo...

However, you may be able to spin the SERPs. Not sure how it would handle titles and URLs, but give it a shot. You may also be able to "markov chain" them also:

People try to markov full text articles, which doesn't work too well. But with SERPs people are more used to random phrases and I've had some good results with this type of usage. Again, the problem is how it handles the URLs and if it ixes titles with descrptions, etc.

We're not only interested in Google's SERPs. Instead, we can also use Uncle Sam to find good content, then use HTTrack to "suck" (copy) the US gov's site:

Put some good content on your site with no monetizing at all, and build links to the site. At first, your only goal is to get some link juice to the site. After you get some good PR, then you can add some of your own links.

You could use the Uncle Sam SERPs as "starting points" for Spiderbomb to build a Fatbomb search engine databases. The problem here is that many US gov sites don't use meta description tags.

Another possibility is to add the PDF filetype search to Uncle Sam to find a bunch of gov PDFs.

IF you can find a few good ones, package them as a free download for squeeze pages, etc.

Do due dilligence and you should be able to find plenty of "linkable" content. It doesn't have to match your site perfectly and you can always adjust page titles, anchor text, etc to get more relevant to your own topics.

And don't worry about doop content. You're not trying to out-rank the .gov sites. You are only trying to build link juice to the site that you can pass on, and doop content is fine for this.

-Boom boom boom boom.

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