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"Please Read - About This Forum"
LAST EDITED ON Mar-03-11 AT 08:32 AM (PST)
For the first time ever, the main forum is now public and any one can read and access the Bomber info and strategies.

This is partly due to this forum having a problem from Dec 2010 to Feb 2011 that forced me to shut it down. After a couple of months I figured out the problem and fixed it.

The problem had to due with the forum's "auto login" feature, which had members that used it not being able to log in, including me. Not good for the admin of a forum.

Over the past few months of being "down", many folks (rightfully) moved on, as I didn't think I could fix the bug that caused about half the members to not be able to log in...Which is why it was made public, to help get our membership back up.

But this created another problem, when moving the threads to the new public forum, the URLs of the threads changed, which will cause any links to those thread to also break.

Plus, the forum manager just moved the threads without respecting the time and date of those threads.

So to get the recent ones back to the top, I had to edit them, so many threads dated 2/26/10 have been "bumped" by me to help bring some of the more recent threads back to the top.

Also, while the info, threads and discussions are now public, many of the downloads are still private, in the new MadBomber VIP forum.

If you click on the links to download stuff, many will result in a 404 page saying the file has been deleted or moved.

To get access to these downloads you'll need to join our VIP forum.

-Boom boom boom boom.

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