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"Two Reasons to Post"
Hey All,

There's some new members and I want to encourage them to stick around and post.

One comment I've heard over the 8-9 years this forum has been around is that people are afraid they'll look "dumb".

First, everyone here was new to "bombing" at some time, including me.

Plus you don't have to only post about Bombs and Tuelz. If you have a great resource, find a good blog post, see a great free download, let us know.

Here's two good reasons to post more:

1. I do better when people post. It's like a comedian on stage that doesn't get any laughs. If I make a post and don't get any response, I feel no one is interested. So the more you post, the better I do in response.

2. I'm going to start an affiliate program for this forum. Jeff Hope and I worked on one using the $7 Secrets Script for some time, but just couldn't overcome a tech snag.

So soon I'll set up two options:
Payspree - Which will pay you "instantly" into your Paypal account.

ClickBank - For those that prefer CB.

Then all you have to do is add your affiliate link to your sig file. I won't have any direct sales links here of my own and new people that want to join will be instructed to buy a VIP membership from the links in members' sig files.

I'll also encourage people to buy from the sigs of the Bomber members that they feel are the most helpful.

We'll try this affiliate system for a while and if you guys make sales, I'll leave the program going.

I'll try to get this set up in the next couple of days...So stick around and make some contributions and you could make some money once I get things set up.

-Boom boom boom boom.

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