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Subject: "Bomber Product Reviews Rules, Guidlines and Suggestions"   Previous Topic | Next Topic
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"Bomber Product Reviews Rules, Guidlines and Suggestions"
LAST EDITED ON Apr-03-11 AT 01:49 AM (PST)
Hey All,

Bomber Product Reviews - The rules are pretty simple:

No spam.

One REVIEW post per day per member, which means either starting a new thread or posting on an existing thread.

These must be REAL reviews and every review you post MUST include 3 "cons" about the product/service. If you don't own it or have used it, you can't review it.

More than one person can post per affiliate program. You can even post your own comments about a program on OTHERS' threads for that SAME program using your affiliate link.

If you have something bad to say, give LOGICAL/FACTUAL reasons only. No bashing. This isn't just about reviews...It's also about sharing revenue in a fair way among Bombers in return for giving honest reviews.

Include your affiliate links.

If you're going to buy a product, buy from a Bomber that gives the best, most useful info for various products and services. Not only does this encourage good, helpful posts, it keeps more money in the Bomber "economy" as possible.

The rules may change at any time, and I may delete any and all posts at any time, for any reason.

-Boom boom boom boom.

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