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"TweetAttacks Review"
Another Bomber and I have been using TweetAttacks (TA) for about a month, mostly and the "wait and reply" module.


We got a lot of traffic. There's no doubt you can get 10,000 visitors a day if you crank up a big time spam campaign.

But conversions where almost ZERO. Neither of us are really CPA guys, but we did try 6-7 different CPA campaigns. Only one showed any signs at all of potential.

I tried a couple of campaigns for Rapbank and my own products and they didn't do well, either. The got traffic, but not sales.

We didn't try sending the traffic to Adsense because neither had the guts to risk our Adsense accounts with Twitter spam.

The program has some logical flaws as well as limits.

In reality, it's hard to run more than 300 accounts without TA freezin, despite what you read on other forums.

It allows you to spin "reply" tweets, but doesn't allow you to spin "regular" tweets, very strange logic.

It's also hard to save projects, which is compounded by how often it freezes, causing you to have to start over in a lot of situations.

Another weakness is how it handles assigning individual text files of tweets to seperate accounts, as well as the inability to work with different groups of accounts using different features.

Part of the problems may be from the fact we're running it own a Windows VPS, and the lag time to use TA on the server discourages a lot of testing.

I had a hunch Twitter is actually good for SEO for a awhile, and we'll try to test that out. We are also going to test TA for follow/unfollow and building followers for the long haul.

The program actually works well and does what it says it will do. But because of the few logical flaws that do cause some major problems, plus the lack of bottom-line results, I can't recommend Tweet Attacks.

This may change in the future if we find any SEO value from Twitter or from mass-adding followers to multiple Twitter accounts has any value, but until then, no affiliate link.

-Boom boom boom boom.

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