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"Tuelz are still awesome"
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Using blog auto poster to post to blogs.

Using ezine articles as primary content.

Problem: ezine articles does not break categories down as much as I would like.
example see Moving.

I wanted to add a specific category to my blog and have the content autoposted.

Category choices:

moving boxes
storage units

Currently can try to grab content using the autoblog software by keyword. but not enough for me.


Scrubz tuelz

I can now add the main category for moving and relocation to newz, use scrubz to create a feed on my server. Then actually scrub the rss pheeds making sure the content is specific enough for the category i want.

I can scrub the content in about 5 minutes once a month to get 10 or more specific articles for these categories.

Sure it's a little more work, but the blog will turn out to be so much better SEO'ed.
More relevant content, broken down by category. Instead of having 1,000 posts in general, this makes it better and easier to read by humans as well as spiders.


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