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Subject: "Bomber Strategies May Soon Become More Valuable Than Ever!"   Previous Topic | Next Topic
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"Bomber Strategies May Soon Become More Valuable Than Ever!"

From the well-respected Planet Ocean SEO newsletter:
Search Engine News - SEO Optimization Strategies from Planet Ocean

Google has announced they will begin notifying you if and when they make a cross-domain URL decision involving your site. When similar or duplicate content is present across more than one domain, Google chooses one of the URLs to index. When this cross-domain URL decision is made, some of your content may not be getting indexed in favor of another URL.

It looks like Google will be cracking down on doop content soon. This would lead us to believe that spinning may be more important than ever.

However, I also believe Google will try to crack down on the typical "spun" stuff.

Be sure to re-read my spinning methods using Tuelz.

-Boom boom boom boom.

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