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"Think Links 2012 SEO Package and Affiliate program"
I've just released Think Links 2012. You can get it in the VIP section.


Think Links 2012 - Updated and improved the massive collection of linking resources and info

Big Page of SEO - Updated the Big Page of SEO...It didn't didn't need much updating, still a powerful on-page SEO resource

You Be the Judge - Guide to taking advantage of trial versions of popular SEO/link software like SE Nuke, Magic Submitter, etc. (This is the same version as already available here)

SocialBomb Report - Quick guide to setting up sites to work with Updated the report and Directory Submitter so you can create about 17 Ping.FM compatible sites in about 10 minutes.

Also...I've added an affiliate program for the Think Links 2012 SEO Package.

It's available at RAP Bank

This means you get paid instantly into your Paypal account!

Check out the entire package and if you like it, chances are others will too.

So go ahead and sign up at RAP Bank and let's both make some money selling giving folks a good deal.

-Boom boom boom boom.

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