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#2, Verification and Privacy
Posted by Kurt on Feb-24-05 at 03:02 PM
In response to message #1
ZZ Tuel will have a verification proceedure.

I can identify you from this system.

Here's what I know and how the info is gathered:

You order ZZ and I rebrand it will a serial number (your order number).

I have a verification on a server and ZZ needs to be online and will contact the server for verfication. Your info is NOT stored in this database, only the order number.

I can tell how often you start ZZ by IP address, by how often your verification file is accessed and by how many IPs. I can then look up your order number and tell it's "you".

I understand you will have different IPs. I'm just concerned about one serial number having multiple IPs at the same time, as well as refunds, etc.

That's it. I won't know anything else from this verification. I don't track what you do with it, only that it needs to make contact with our server each time it starts for "verification".