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#0, Upgrading all Tuelz to versions 2.0
Posted by Kurt on Jul-17-06 at 00:47 AM
LAST EDITED ON Jul-19-06 AT 12:58 PM (PST)

IMPORTANT: This is only for those with Tuelz Version 1.x. If all of your Tuelz are 2.0 or 2.02, etc, then you can ignore this thread.

Let's try testing upgrading all Tuelz to versions 2.0 using Upgradez.

Note: You will need to use the "power" version of Upgradez to get the upgradez.

1. Make a copy of your ENTIRE Tuelz folder. Just "copy/paste" the folder and it should create a copy....Just in case something goes wrong, it is very easy for you to revert to your original Tuelz.

Please, please, please make a backup.

2. Click the Upgradez Tuel and upgrade Upgradez. Ignore any other Tuelz that may need upgrading.

3. Restart tuelz.exe

4. Click Upgradez again (this is a new version from the last) and then click Upgrade All.

5. After all the Tuelz are downloaded. Restart tuelz.exe

IMPORTANT: You may have to wait 5-8 minutes OR LONGER for the Browser window to open and for Tuelz to update all databases, etc, especially if you have many projects and installed RSS pheeds. Just let it update. It will open the browser window on it's own. Any premature refreshing may cause an error.

After Tuelz has reloaded, the Main tuelbox page will appear. At this time, you may have to refresh your screen.

6. Check to see if all your Tuelz projects are intact, your RSS pheeds are still in The Newz Tuel, etc.

Maybe the most signifigant upgrade deals with ZZ. I've added a new linking structure that will "spin" three columns of keywords to use as anchor text.

This gives ZZ the benefit of not repeating anchor text when creating yoru pages.

The first keyword in the left column is the default.

You can use blank lines, which will mix up the combos even more, often "nothing" is better than something.

Don't forget...Make a backup copy of your ENTIRE Tuelz folder before upgrading.