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#0, ZZ Tuel - Privacy, Planning and Precautions
Posted by Kurt on Feb-24-05 at 11:57 AM
LAST EDITED ON Feb-25-05 AT 04:48 AM (PST)
Here's the Read Me:


Download The Newz Tuel for FREE

Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP

Internet Explorer 6 or Better

Internet Connection, Full-Time connection such as DSL or cable recommended, although can function without full-time connection.

However you need to be connected to the Internet DURING THE TIME ZZ Tuel is running projects.


Ability/understanding of FTP, including log in info to your website(s).

Comfortable working with html.

You will need to be able to insert special tags into your pages and templates that tell ZZ Tuel "what, where and how much" you want to be inserted into your pages.

Ability to find and use RSS pheeds.

#1, RE: ZZ Tuel - Official Thread and Read Me:
Posted by Kurt on Feb-24-05 at 02:52 PM
In response to message #0
Some cautions:

For now, a full time connection is strongly suggested, at least until ZZ gets more usage.

ZZ is very fast, and adds content to pages in seconds. The possible bottle-necks are with RSS pheeds updating/hanging in the Newz Tuel and your FTP connection.

ZZ still hasn't been tested under heavy load. We tried to anticipate the biggest problems that may occur: The "vacation scenario".

Let's say you have 50 projects running every day....That's only 2 per hour. And, you have another 100 RSS pheeds that update every day...Again, that's only 4 pheeds an hour...

Neither are a big deal...Until you go on vacation for two weeks, turning off your PC and ZZ.

Then, you get home and ZZ has 700 RSS pheeds and 700 projects to run all the instant you restart ZZ.

Here's how we handled this: ZZ will NOT run missed projects. We feel it is better to miss a project than to cause a traffic jam.

ZZ does have a printer friendly report to help you see what's been missed so you can run any priority projects that were missed "by hand".

Therefore, ZZ is NOT recommended for essential updates.

Also, print out the report often and use it to balance the project schedules.

Do some planning and add more time to the Newz Teul'z cache.

For example, if you are using pheeds.com search results, set the cache to:

This is just about once every 50 days, which is plenty the search results, which saves the Newz Tuel some time gathering other pheeds.

If you're using BiB, Zon or even Taz, set them to update only once a week or so (140 hours). Amazon doesn't update any more than that anyway.

Try to keep Tuelz open and running as much as possible so the pheeds can update constantly. If the Newz Tuel isn't running, it may have a lot of pheeds it needs to update all at once when restarted.

#2, Verification and Privacy
Posted by Kurt on Feb-24-05 at 03:02 PM
In response to message #1
ZZ Tuel will have a verification proceedure.

I can identify you from this system.

Here's what I know and how the info is gathered:

You order ZZ and I rebrand it will a serial number (your order number).

I have a verification on a server and ZZ needs to be online and will contact the server for verfication. Your info is NOT stored in this database, only the order number.

I can tell how often you start ZZ by IP address, by how often your verification file is accessed and by how many IPs. I can then look up your order number and tell it's "you".

I understand you will have different IPs. I'm just concerned about one serial number having multiple IPs at the same time, as well as refunds, etc.

That's it. I won't know anything else from this verification. I don't track what you do with it, only that it needs to make contact with our server each time it starts for "verification".

#5, Back up and Backing up
Posted by Kurt on Feb-25-05 at 03:27 AM
In response to message #4
ZZ acts as the ultimate multi-domain back-up program. If you lose sites do to a cheap/bad host, you'll be able to restore your sites very easily and quickly, especially because you won't have any scipts to install.

Having one central Admin to manage all your domains is a realy great time-saver.

However, it is also easy to have everything wiped out.

Ask yourself: What happens if you build 50 domains using ZZ and The Newz Tuel and lose a hard drive?

Not only do you lose all your pages, you're also losing all your projects as well as all the pheeds you entered into the Newz Tuel.

Your webpages will still be up, but you won't be able to update them.

You need to back up Tuelz often. Just copy the entire directory containing all your tuelz to a secondary storage unit, like an external hard drive.

If you do this, you'll most likely be OK. If you don't, you'll most likely lose everything you've built sometime in the future.