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Comparing ZZ Tuel Vs. GodfatherBomb
ZZ Tuel is actually the desktop version of BlogBomb and GodfatherBomb and you may want to consider ZZ Tuel, depending on your needs. Here's a basic overview, for m...
Kurtadmin May-03-05 10:21 PM
by Kurt
Godfather Bomb Help
I would like to pause my Godfather bomb indefinitely, but not sure how to do this. I can change the dates but I want it to stop posting for longer than a month. Can ...
midasgroup Apr-03-09 01:36 AM
by Kurt
Godfather bomb
Running a successfull operation at the moment based on 250 sites with adsense only..... Godfather bomb looks brilliant...ideal for my operation... BUT are the s...
Rob Jun-29-07 04:09 PM
by Kurt
Ask Kirill about Gbomb
Kirill is the programer for GBomb. He's going to answer the tech questions regarding GBomb, in particular the email/pop/sendmail type stuff, since none of us %2...
Kurtadmin Jan-30-07 04:25 PM
by Kurt
GodFather and Wordpress
Castle gave me some good info, but I realized over the last 4 hours why I stopped trying to use it to auto blog. WP at least the version(s) I have installed do in...
kelvin brownmoderator Sep-28-06 12:10 PM
by Kurt
Kurt - To get start right, I need to . . .
With all the bomber products I am confused. If I want to start in a big way, fast right out of the box and building a solid base for the future, what are the products...
profezorteam Aug-14-06 11:50 AM
by Kurt
Godfather Database
Hello Kurt and Bombers Is there any way to take the database from a Godfather installation and successfully install it on a new domain? Seems to me this would be a...
Castle Jul-12-06 11:30 PM
by Kurt
using GBomb to help get fast indexing and multiple one way links.
Hi Kurt, I am just using theory here. The idea is this: Say you have 100 blogs that except HTML email, i.e. Now, you setup a new website%2...
kelvin brownmoderator Apr-05-06 02:06 AM
by Kurt
Mailing Lists and Templates
Including how to add RSS tags and different web elements to your pages and emails. ...
Kurtadmin Mar-01-06 02:56 PM
by Kurt
Third install, New problem
Hi, I originally had gbomb installed when I firt bought it. Since then I've put up 3 more sites and put gbomb no problem on all three. Now when I go to the %2...
sedriskillteam Jun-08-05 01:23 PM
by Kirill
Subscription with Yahoo Account
Hi Kurt, I discovered one problem with my Godfather bomb. When my subscriber used an Yahoo email account to subscribe, when they received the confirmation email, t...
aikpin May-18-05 10:48 AM
by aikpin
Title and Meta Tags in GodFather Bomb archived pages
Hello, I have run a few searches on this topic and can't find any previous posts on it.. What is the best way to deal with the title tag and the keyword and desc...
Rossteam Apr-24-05 07:08 AM
by jeffhope
Godfather Bomb Hosting
I am new to GF Bomb. Bought it just recently. The script was installed just a week ago and I literally have done nothing with it yet. A few days ago my host deactivated m...
INFXteam Mar-10-05 07:08 AM
by melvin
GBomb Pre Purchase Questions
This looks like just what I'm after, but I have a few questions I'd like to ask just so I am sure that GB does what I hope it does. 1 - Does GB grab content from RS...
Matt Mar-08-05 07:01 PM
by Kurt
GodFatherBomb help With Error Required
Kirril Hi, I just recently started to get the following error: ZineBomb - FATAL ERROR: Wide character in syswrite at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.5/Net/Cmd...
ebook13552 Mar-02-05 07:57 AM
by Kirill
Create Custom Archive Page
Kurt, Kirill or Jeff, How do I create a "custom" archives page? Everytime I create one it puts the links at the top of the page above the tag. Is there a...
Pokermoderator Feb-27-05 05:30 PM
by Poker
A couple Quick Questions- Multiple Sites?
To anyone that can answer. I haven't purchased yet. But it is only a matter of time. With the right answers to these questions. I am very impressed with the prod...
scottie Feb-16-05 02:11 PM
by kelvin brown
RE: Godfatherbomb Archive Random Feeds?
Referring to: >Random is not includ...
XJ Feb-12-05 06:42 PM
by XJ
Ross - Problem with template preview
I accidently deleted the follow mesage from Ross...Here it is: Hello, I have successfully built a new web site using Blogbomb to supply content. I am now trying t...
Kurtadmin Feb-02-05 11:57 AM
by Kurt
Godfather Bomb Stopped Archiving
I send out a weekly newsletter and archive on my site however, the archiving seems to have stopped even though GB still sends out the newsletter evry Friday (what a read i...
ebook13552 Feb-01-05 12:48 PM
by ebook13552
Godfather Bomb Purchase Question
Hello, When I buy Godfather Bomb, or any of the others for that matter, is the user licence restricted to one site or many? In other words, do I have to buy the...
Asoka Jan-29-05 10:55 PM
by Kurt
How to buy Godfatherbomb besides Paypal?
I would like to buy Godfatherbomb, but do not have a Paypal account. It is not availiable in my country. Is there any way to buy it with a credit card and no paypal account%...
Alex Jan-29-05 10:52 PM
by Kurt
Hi there, I currently have my site set up to parse all .html pages as PHP pages (via the .htaccess file). Because of the programs running on my site, it's not ...
John McGovern Jan-18-05 05:20 PM
by jeffhope
Installation and Configuration Pages 1 | 2
Techinical issues regarding installing GodfatherBomb, and the GBomb "Configuration" page. If your having a problem, or can offer help with server paths, mail configs...
Kurtadmin Jan-18-05 06:08 AM
by Kirill
Page design with Bombs
Hi, I am thinking of purchasing the godfather and blogbomb scripts for help with content for my site which is not set up yet. My question is should I design my site first t...
HFS1980 Jan-13-05 06:45 PM
by jeffhope
How do i change the archives templates?
Hi !! I was reading the forum but i can't find how can i change the look of the archives that GodFBomb creates daily before it create it and also where can i change...
branchiseteam Jan-11-05 05:58 PM
by jeffhope
Post by Maceo
Deleted by accident...Reposting: > Sounds like you're using too many resources on a limited hosting acount. GBomb isn't for cheap/budget hosting account...
Kurtadmin Dec-24-04 04:19 AM
by Kirill
GF Bomb
Started getting this error message: ZineBomb - ERROR: unknown user code Context: 978752842 ...
tradermaceoteam Dec-16-04 11:41 PM
by Kirill
GBomb and Google Dupe Filters
Hi, Searched the board extensively and didn't find an answer. The only drawback I see about Gbomb is the duplicate content that an RSS feed provides. Google has recen...
momotanteam Dec-01-04 10:41 PM
by momotan
GBomb and SQL Server
I only have one SQL Database that is provided by my host...and right now it is used for a Link Exchange script on my website. My question is can GBomb use the same data...
jookie Nov-30-04 03:55 AM
by Kirill
Preserving hard earned, expensive PR
Hello everyone, New bomber here ... duh! ;-) My intention with GBomb and BBx2 are to build content pages for my site so that I can build a "large" site ...
j8vyteam Nov-29-04 02:02 AM
by jons5150
Shuffle Results
Is there a way to use the shuffle and/or random options for the results in the archived pages created by GodFather Bomb? I'm archiving daily and the news may end up bei...
gtrusler Nov-24-04 02:02 AM
by gtrusler
Multiple Sites RSS feeds
I know this has probably come up somewhere else. If you could point me to the url that I need to access this information please post it here. I have several differe...
Nathan Nov-23-04 01:44 PM
by Nathan
Yahoo XML Feed Change
Hi there, I just heard (and noticed) that Yahoo recently made a change to the XML code that their kw feed sends out, so BlogBomb has stopped accepting Yahoo feeds...
fballfanteam Nov-08-04 07:49 AM
by Kirill
BlogBomb or GodFatherBomb
Hopefully this is the right place to post this question. I'm going to get at least one of the bombs but am unsure which suits my needs best, help appreciated. I ...
Shipsyteam Nov-03-04 06:39 PM
by Shipsy
SF Java pheed doesn't fly for me.
Kirill, I can't believe that I can't figure this one out! x( This is my first official problem. But, when trying to put the SF javascript pheed into the ...
Pokermoderator Oct-26-04 12:02 PM
by Kurt
Question - archived newsletters same as current one
Hello, I've been using GFB on one of my sites for about a month. Recently I realized that the content of my archived newsletters is the same as the current version o...
Randal Oct-22-04 12:01 PM
by Randal
Cron Job errors - xml attached
Kurt, Forgive me if I posted this already... I just flat don't remember. I'm getting these two errors consistently. The first every cron job, the second abou...
tradermaceoteam Oct-22-04 02:20 AM
by Kirill
GBomb Email Config
Configuration for the email is needed to handle bounces, subscribe by email, etc. Again, I am "challenged" in this department... :) If you've tested%...
Kurtadmin Sep-15-04 05:45 AM
by Kirill
Problem with SF, BB, and GFB
Hello Forum... I have GFB installed and it's working great so far. Last night I was attempting to add SearchFeed to my site (via BlogBomb of course) and ran into s...
Randalteam Sep-08-04 07:26 AM
by Kurt
Problem With Feed Not Appearing
Hi there, I just got the whole GB package installed and working fine (emailing, feeding into pages dynamically, etc. etc.). Beautiful. One problem I'm h...
fballfanteam Sep-02-04 07:22 AM
by fballfan
No cache file in Godfather Bomb/data
Hi. I read the instructions for GodfatherBomb but I could not locate the cache file in the data directory that needs to be chmod 777. Can someone (may be Kurt) please...
LCteam Aug-30-04 03:41 PM
by Fballfan
Link for Godfather Bomb...
Hi Kurt, Can you give me the link where to buy Godfather Bomb? Is there a reduced price for members? Thanks, Riggie...
Riggie Aug-29-04 12:21 PM
by Kurt
Archiving and Auto Linking
Questions, comments and tips for creating archives and building link indexes. ...
Kurtadmin Aug-01-04 02:31 AM
by Kirill
pheed refresh on page open?
Hi Chris Here, (total newbie to bombing) I am extremely interested in taking my sites to the next level with bombs. But I saw somthing that was of particular i...
coatesmanteam Jul-28-04 07:38 AM
by coatesman
Mailing List - RSS Manipulation
Hello, I figured out how to use blogBomb to massage how many results from each RSS feed to show up. However, it seems that, when configuring the mailing lists, I ...
silentway Jul-10-04 07:50 AM
by Kurt
RSS feeds *out* of GodfatherBomb
Kurt, I'm in the process of evaluating GFB (at Don Crowther's referral, BTW), and don't see anything in the FAQ or elsewhere on the page
davidlawrence May-05-04 01:47 PM
by Kurt
I am still a little lost with the bombing and need some help. I am looking for a way to increase my website in the rankings however I do not want to list a bunch of links on ...
j_schmidt Apr-17-04 11:34 PM
by traffictart
Not sure if this will hurt GF but I think it's important
I just read on another forum regarding the Can Spam Law here is the link: I do...
teleammoderator Apr-14-04 06:55 PM
by teleam
Thank you for your support from bottom of my heart !
Hi Kurt and Kirill, Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.... I just can't say enough of it. After all the troubles, Yes, I'm starting to receiv...
buildpro Apr-11-04 01:43 AM
by buildpro
newzbomb not giving back results
with the godfather I was given newzbomb, however popular keywords do not return results on any of the newzbombs except trove. Any suggestions? For example, all the new...
Tim Drobnick Sr Apr-06-04 03:52 PM
by Kurt
Would someone send this file to me: test_abs_path.cgi?
Can you send it to Thank you, Keith...
kbaxter Mar-20-04 01:25 AM
by kbaxter
godfatherbomb with traffic equalizer
Hi, Can you use Traffic Equalizer with Godfatherbomb to create multiple pages based on keywords that is search engine friendly? Thanks, Ray...
Ray Cteam Mar-15-04 07:57 PM
by Kurt
Godfather Bomb what a bomb!
I'm available to offer limited support for GBOMB. Send email via the forum, better yet post your query here. publisher, aka the mad bomber...
publisher Mar-12-04 04:44 PM
by Kurt
Does anyone know if this will work with Ken Evoy's SBI?
As you can tell I am new to the internet or I would know the answer. I know that Ken bases SBI off of making affiliate programs with lots of content. But I have no idea if I...
DaveJ13 Feb-15-04 11:43 PM
by Isobel
Kirill and I will try to post FAQ's on this thread. The first post is a conversation between Kirill and a GBomber. (Reprinted with permission) > Also, how ...
Kurtadmin Jan-26-04 01:41 AM
by Kurt
GBOMB Templates and tags
First, this is something that gave me fits (I didn't have a ReadMe). When creating a list you'll see "Preview". When you enter the Preview mode and make cha...
Kurtadmin Jan-20-04 04:57 AM
by Kurt
Hi Kurt, I've been studying your site and what a great site it is! My question is, you have archives set up for the topics that are listed across...
imagic Jan-18-04 00:03 AM
by Kurt
Maintainence and Updates -
In time, GBomb will build expansive, sprawling sites automatically. But, there's somethings we may want to do down the road to enhance our pages. Our goals are to...
Kurtadmin Dec-24-03 11:11 AM
by Andy
Email, Laws, Privacy Statements, etc.
Let's dedicate this thread to issues concerning email. I found this privacy genereator, it seems to be the best of the few I tested. It even generates P3P code t...
Kurtadmin Dec-13-03 06:19 PM
by Kurt
Gbomb Admin Pages
Here's non-working examples of what the GodfatherBomb admin pages look like. I just copied/pasted into Word, so the results are no exact. I'm working on the ...
Kurtadmin Nov-19-03 01:16 PM
by hannes
Email Revenue Resources
If anyone knows of afiliate programs, etc, to use in email lists, please post them here. I don't think we can use the PPCs, as it's against their TOS. I'm n...
Kurtadmin Nov-20-03 03:42 PM
by Isobel
GBomb making it profitable..
Maybe a method to make it profitable is by placing behind all (in htlm version) links the html page in the archive.. so we bring them back to our sites ??? because t...
tasarimoderator Dec-07-03 08:35 AM
by publisher
Gbomb and FTC issues
I've seen a lot of Internet chatter about the FTC, privacy statements, and so forth. Since we'll be using Gbomb to collect information, what kind of statements shou...
Iolausteam Nov-25-03 01:55 AM
by Kurt
Comments about managing your subscribers lists, including importing/exporting/adding/deleting subscribers, and the User Admin. ...
Kurtadmin Dec-05-03 06:19 AM
by Kurt






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