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Error code and not being able to save config
I install the script but I'm having problems making it work. I can't get it to save the type of skin that I want it to use. When I try to save it in admin under ...
tjk1058team Aug-11-11 02:59 AM
by yaqin
Hosting issue
Hi I was contacted by my hosting company who say the site with FatBomb on is running a permanent process. Upon further investigation this is the problem: me...
kiosk2team Jan-22-08 02:49 PM
by Kurt
Could Fatbomb be used (or modified)to search (several) information sources e.g. boards for specified keywords?...
blue_skyteam Sep-30-07 04:57 AM
by Kurt
Using FatBomb Custom Databases
This is the Official Thread for all discussion concerning creating and managing your own custom databases....
Kurtadmin Sep-21-07 06:05 AM
by gilc
FatBomb Engine Updates
Download this zip, unzip, then over-write the old engine files (in the "engines" folder) with the newer ones:
Kurtadmin Jul-16-07 01:58 AM
by Kurt
Sucking pages - Converting dynamic to static pages
I'll get into this a little more, but for now here's a quick intro... The first thing you need to do, is download the free page "sucker":
Kurtadmin Mar-29-07 08:47 AM
by Kurt
Including just fatty results without the page
Is there a way to include fatty results in an already existing page template? (I am not talking about sucking, splitting and including them with randomz or using an I...
blue_skyteam Jan-31-07 01:55 PM
by Kurt
Including Fatty results via includes
Hi I am trying to include fatty results as explained in the thread below but could not get it to work - I am always getting the message: "an error occurred while ...
blue_skyteam Jan-31-07 06:56 AM
by blue_sky
FatBomb Installation
Upload everything in ASCII/text mode using your FTP programs. Set permissions of fatbomb.cgi to 755. That's it. Strongly suggested: Either before or aft...
Kurtadmin Jan-03-07 07:52 AM
by blue_sky
Official: Included Skins
Unless you REALLY REALLY know what you're doing AND you have already driven plenty of traffic to your Fatbomb, I suggest you use one of the templates provided. IMO%2...
Kurtadmin Dec-06-06 07:52 AM
by mmurtha
I have a couple of hosting questions about Fatty, an you help?
Hi everyone, I have a couple of quick questions about hosting Fat Bombs. Can you guys help so I can get up and running? I've been trying to find out just what...
mmurthateam Oct-31-06 03:15 PM
by mmurtha
how to get new version of FatBomb ?????
about 2 years ago i purchsed fatbomb and would like to reinstall it in a project, how can I get at the newer version...
trickydigitteam Sep-21-06 09:51 AM
by Kurt
Hosting Multiple Copies of Fatbomb on 1 Server
Hi! Hope everything is going well for everybody here. I noticed a previous forum poster say that his host told him Fatbomb was using too much of the server's resourc...
getmikeyteam May-26-06 01:25 PM
by Kurt
Fatbomb Support
I looked for a Fatbomb Support topic and couldn't find one. Possibly the Fatbomb Support people can cover this thread. I just noticed something interesting with my Fat...
ezrydnmoderator Apr-20-06 12:44 PM
by kelvin brown
Using PHP within search result pages?
Can anyone explain to me how we might go about adding our own php code within the search results pages or possibly a link to a post about it here in the forums? Tha...
Patrick_Mteam Apr-14-06 02:47 PM
by Patrick_M
Creating a Niche Search Engine
While FatBomb will return results for just about anything, depending on your settings, you'll probably get better results create a "niche" search engine (or 2).%...
Kurtadmin Apr-14-06 02:41 PM
by Kurt
Generate Search Box purpose
I have some questions regarding the Generate Search Box section of Fatbomb 2.0. 1. When I click the generate button, it puts in the skin and value but the url is always...
Jon12345team Apr-13-06 07:17 AM
by Kurt
Renaming fatbomb folder
I seem to be having a problem using fatbomb after I rename it. I rename the fatbomb folder and fatbomb.cgi. What else has to be modded? I can't seen to find anyhting ...
sedriskillteam Apr-10-06 02:42 AM
by sedriskill
dynamic internal links
Hi, Since there are both now new and old fatbomb users, I was wondering if anyone had any (ideas, experince, code, etc) on how to pull dynamic links (m...
sedriskillteam Apr-09-06 08:52 AM
by sedriskill
how can I select which SE
Hi, How can I select which SE for fatbamb to pull from? I see all the's but what do I do to select/deselct them from the original install? Is there a...
sedriskillteam Apr-07-06 11:17 AM
by Kurt
FatBomb Templates and Skins
This is the Official Thread for all stuff relating to using FatBomb templates and skins....
Kurtadmin Mar-14-05 06:50 PM
by jeffhope
Fatbomb Pages taking much longer to load.
Hello, I have used Fatbomb for 3 months now and it has been great. However the pages of the website that I now run fatbomb on is now taking a LOT longer to load e.g wha...
Ambassador7team Feb-01-05 07:12 AM
by jeffhope
Can I make fatbomb a bit thinner
Hi In the fatbomb download I got I seem to have a messageboard and a few other folders/files that I'm wondering whether I can delete. Can I delete these? they ...
Shipsyteam Dec-11-04 10:53 AM
by Shipsy
Mysterious Fatbomb Error
I just started getting this little error here: The directory 'data/cache/dmoz-2122' does not exist at lib/Gamma/ line 57. FatBomb Software Er...
tradermaceoteam Nov-11-04 07:13 PM
by tradermaceo
Open Source Nearby Engine
I hope this is the correct place to post this. I did a search of the forum and didnt't see moble maps mentioned so I thought it might be of value. I ran into this open...
georgesepichteam Nov-08-04 11:51 AM
by georgesepich
How do you limit the size of the link description?
Hi....Just bought FatBomb and SpiderBomb...Lots to learn, but I'm enjoying it! Kurt, I shopped around, and there really isn't anything else out there like what Do...
loansies Oct-27-04 09:13 PM
by Poker
Cherry/Fat combined question
Or, maybe this is just food for thought for some bomber to come up with a script to answer it. If we use Cherrybomb and Fatbomb, we have two different sets of results...
ezrydnmoderator Sep-30-04 09:14 AM
by targetman
how do I download the script?
just check out my subject -Tony...
tonyrocksteam Sep-27-04 07:08 PM
by Poker
Update Google engine file !
Use this file and replace in the directory "engines" ! Found the solution.. Sometimes "Translate..." appears ! Still a little problem is that only...
tasarimoderator Sep-09-04 01:08 PM
by tasari
fatbomb.cgi/? converted to fatbomb.cgi?
All, Ever wonder why when calling fatbomb you had to always put the extra "/" before the "?" mark like: fatbomb.cgi/?keywords=atlanta If y...
bscrivenermoderator Sep-05-04 02:27 AM
by tsuyoshi
What Engines Are Permitted?
Does anyone know what search engines let use their data? Or, what information can I use without permission, without infringing copyrights? Thanks...
Bob Aug-26-04 11:42 AM
by Poker
"Readjusting" Databases for FatBomb
FatBomb lets you use a variety of resources as content. If you have links, chances are they are easy to incorporate into a FatBomb search. You just need to get them in...
Kurtadmin Jul-21-04 12:04 PM
by rob
Access To Private Forum?
I'm not sure where best to place this post... Having registered for the Forums, downloaded and installed FatBomb, I've been trawling for ideas. On several occ...
erika1959team Jul-19-04 05:45 PM
by erika1959
Creating html pages with Fatbomb results !
How do I make of /cgi-bin/fatbomb/fatbomb.cgi an index page ? index.html : and upload .htaccess (for SSI) ? I also get an error.. Of course...
tasarimoderator Jul-15-04 06:38 PM
by kelvin brown
Fatbomb and Server resources?
Recently my host's abuse people emailed me saying that a script on the system is using up too many resources. According to them, The script in question is my fatbomb .cgi...
ronzta Jun-27-04 06:14 PM
by ronzta
Getting search engine(s) results with FatBomb
I am having trouble getting results from Google and Yahoo. I always no results.. Like Chris said I created another directory in data.. called db.. I added spiderhub.txt i...
tasarimoderator Jun-20-04 07:16 PM
by tasari
adding javascript
Greetings. I have modified the default-box.html file so that the search area corresponds to my format, but I can't seem to get that page to read javascript (so tha...
craigrom Jun-18-04 05:46 PM
by totenmaske
FatBomb leads the way and the major SEs follow.
Preview feature. -- Jason D...
strangelogic Jun-12-04 04:55 PM
by ezrydn
search engine placement
Not sure how it happened, but someone searched for "FatBomb Search Engine" My site is #1 and more than half of the top 12 are my sites. Maybe it's not...
kelvin brownmoderator Jun-01-04 02:54 PM
by kelvin brown
fatbomb search
fatbomb displays search results for first database that I entered, but when I click on page2 or 3,etc. it displays my index page. Same thing happens when I type new search...
Roger May-20-04 03:15 AM
by Roger
FTC's View on Search Engine Advertising
If you are using FatBomb, you are a "search engine" and the following will definitely apply to you... Note: This is a US Gov doc, so it can be copied... h...
Kurtadmin May-13-04 03:40 PM
by Kurt
Using robots.txt files
This article describes how to keep search engines from including your pages, and is re-published with permission: Working With The robots.txt File By Jagd...
Kurtadmin Apr-16-04 12:14 PM
by Kurt






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