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#0, Think Links - This is Sep. 20 Download
Posted by Kurt on Sep-26-09 at 01:16 AM
LAST EDITED ON Oct-05-09 AT 11:14 AM (PST)
Hi Guys,

EDIT: You must now download Think Links to your hard drive. I've taken down the online version:


Here's Think Links. This will be this month's download.

I combined the Web 2.0 frames page with everything I could concerning linking. The page is in frames, so you do need to understand how to use frames...Should't be too hard.

There's also some great semi-automation stuff. The automation stuff requires Firefox.

There's tons and tons of links, as well as searches for fingerprints. And even Bomber Graham's list of hand-picked forums for getting links.

Think Links is really more about getting more "real estate" than just linking. The more sites you own, the easier it is to get links.