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Is this the one where I say hello?
Hello Iím the new guy Roy Iím a bit of an inventor My code is a bit rough and ready like my sites, but thatís okay cos not many people see them =) Anyways...
Nomax5team Oct-04-06 11:04 AM
by Nomax5
Multi IP Blog announce
There are some membership sites such as Article Underground that offer multip blogs with different IP addresses where you can announce your new site to get spidered fast, bu...
Graeme007moderator Oct-04-06 05:44 AM
by Graeme007
bombing offline
It's not exactly SEO but bombing strategies work offline also. Sad to say, but I currently know more about people I have met online, than I do where I live, in...
kelvin brownmoderator Oct-03-06 10:30 PM
by Castle
Tag Clouds
A tagcloud is a list of the most popular tags (keywords) used, usually in blogs and RSS pheeds. Here's an example:
Kurtadmin Jun-08-06 00:18 AM
by Kurt
Free Vista Beta 2
I read this recently and when through the process. It's quick. I copied what you need to know below: ======================...
ezrydnmoderator Sep-28-06 12:06 PM
by ezrydn
Performing EXPERT Tuelz and Bombing Strategies
Note: This thead really isn't intended as a "newbie guide to Bombing"...So beware. :) Hey Bombers, Attached is a text of my one liners...Download it ...
Kurtadmin Sep-27-06 07:04 PM
by Kurt
Insight into Digg Formula
If you submit articles to Digg, or plan to anyway, here's a good look at how they rate articles. Getting a good rating (diggs) can bring a lot of traffic, as well ...
Kurtadmin Sep-12-06 05:00 PM
by Kurt
Focus ???
The topic on goals and procrastination reminded me of something thats been on my mind lately: focus. The problem is that with the day job, family commitments, sleep...
traffictartmoderator Aug-30-06 04:42 AM
by traffictart
Goals and Procrastination
Hey, You won't get anywhere in internet marketing unless you have clearly-defined goals and the motivation to get them accomplished. These are my favorite books on t...
vesparichmoderator Aug-30-06 04:42 AM
by traffictart
Self promotion
Don't be afraid to self promote, and experiment. For example: I am a famous internet market. :) Really, reliable 3rd party sources agree on this. D...
kelvin brownmoderator Aug-28-06 09:43 AM
by kelvin brown
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