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"PixelPipe - Power for Free"
LAST EDITED ON Feb-26-11 AT 02:20 PM (PST)
Pixelpipe is a very power FREE resource for IM and SEO.

It's similar to (it even works with in that it submits content to different resources...Over 110 at this time.

This is what I call going "wide". Going wide is when you submit the same/similar content to many different places.

Doing "deep" is when you create a lot of accounts at the same place, for example creating 100 Twitter accounts.

Pixelpipe automates a lot of submitting various types of media, except it doesn't create accounts.

I think I'll start creating some Bots that will automate creating accounts. You'll just need to use them once or twice, then you can use Pixelpipe to do the rest.

Also, I believe in the 80/20 rule and will just include the ones the most effective. We're better off spending the time saved actually submitting instead of making accounts.

We'll also try to focus on the resources that are RSS friendly...And one thing PixelPipe seems to be missing is RSS submission.

We'll take a category from below "every so often" and make an account creation Bot.

Then focus on those particular resources and get the most out of them.

Use PixelPipe along with this thread about the various free trials for an extremely powerful marketing mix:

Just add a solid RSS strategy and you're good as gold.

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